10 Minute Space Strategy

Yes that is indeed the name of this game. What we have here is a 4x space strategy game that is quick, fairly simple, addictive and quite a lot of fun. If you’ve ever played a game like Galactic Civilization or A.I. War you will understand the basic concepts: research, conquer and colonize. The game is made by some indie developers who called themselves The Goblin Lunatics and I applaud them for their efforts. Rarely do people make “quick” 4x strategy games that are still filled with some depth and is still enjoyable. You start a game by choosing how many players you want to fight, how many planets are present, how rare planets and how large the star map is. I’ve played it through three times on medium in thirty to forty minutes and each time playing as a different race is interesting, especially since many have their own unique buildings and they all have their own customizable traits. The game ends as soon as you defeat the other players but there are also tons of neutral alien planets that you can conquer.


The graphics are very minimal, as you can see above, but they are continually adding to the game with the hopes of eventually making it a paid game. The game can get quite difficulty as you add in many players and you have balance between trying to colonize planets and creating massive fleets of bombers and fighters. Fighters destroy everything in the sky while bombers are the only thing that can successfully make an enemy planet become neutral, which it needs to be in order for you to colonize it. When you send out colony ships it takes out away 1.0 of population from that planet, so you have to specialize planets with specific buildings, like cities, to make population increase quickly enough to accommodate many colony ships. Every planet you colonize is different as well, each with their own building capacity, unique perks, and planet types. Based on your races original homeworld you can populate other homeworlds easier.

10 min space strategy, gameplay video – Mod DB
If you are a fan of these types of games then I definitely suggest you take a go at this one. Even if you only play through a couple matches you will hopefully appreciate what they have created and how it feels like a splendid homage to the full scale retail versions of 4x space strategy games. It’s been out for quite a while and I just saw it on MODDB today, for some reason, but you can download the free 1.0 version over at their website or MODDB.  Thanks for reading and checking it out.
Main Website: http://goblinlunatics.blogspot.com/
ModDB Page: http://www.moddb.com/games/10-min-space-strategy
-Written by Sean Cargle
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