Saturday, April 2, 2011

Minecraft Multiplayer

Many people play Minecraft, many of whom play on multiplayer servers. Have you played Minecraft multiplayer? No? Well you should. I originally started out playing Minecraft with one or two other people but found it to be a lot more fun to be part of a continually growing world. Every time I log into the server I am part of, a player named Zambini's server, I can set out in any direction and find something new. Working on mega projects, such as giant caverns/castles/bridges etc. , does get tiring but people casually log in once or twice a week. Server stability is very good and our host often saves multiple copies of our world just in case.
If you have not played anything but singleplayer Minecraft, I recommend finding some of the great servers out there and joining in on some great projects. Sure you can get some big things done by yourself, but to see what you and others can create is amazing. I have made videos showing off the kind of places people have made in our server. There are three videos in total and I will outline what is in each video for easy selection. Try out multiplayer Minecraft loners, you will most likely enjoy yourself.

Disclaimer: Music in the videos is mostly Metal. Except for Video #3.

Our Minecraft World Part 1
-Mega Cavern
-Giant wood bridge
-View of main castle/spawn
-View of giant sand tower
Music: Amon Amarth and Insomnium
Our Minecraft World Part 2
-Inside of main castle/spawn
-Castle observation tower
-Underneath Castle (underground forest/farm/obstacle course)
-Large Sky Complex (pyramids/towers/waterfalls and more)
Music: Dawnbringer and Alcest

Our Minecraft World Part 3
-Lava Fortress
-Minecart Madness
-Forest Cabin
Music: Kaskade

This world was created by Zambini, Soulis, Typhoeus, Jrmitche, Benighted, Lokai and several others. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching.

Written by Sean Cargle (Lokai)


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