Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Censored??

After watching episode 2 last week, I was excited to see that Mortal Kombat: Legacy was starting to deliver.  With strong character development, heavy violence, and adult language, I thought this series started out really strong.  I guess I spoke too soon...  This weeks episode was a huge disappointment.

Sadly the series has taken a turn for the worst.  Episode three separated from the first two chapters to introduce another main character, Johnny Cage.  The episode starts with an E! True Hollywood Stories like show portraying the rise and fall of the once big action star Johnny Cage.  Desperate for a new action hit, Johnny pitches a couple of ideas to producers including a reality show where he puts the beat down on real life criminals.

After watching his refined pitch, the producers don't buy in after determining Johnny is past his prime.  The Producers then pitch his idea to an actress on the same set and Johnny overhearing the whole conversation.  Johnny gets pissed and kicks everyone's ass (which was the most action of the episode).  The ending was awkward, after storming off the set, time freezes and a mysterious man (looks like Shang Tsung) appears offering Cage a deal.  That's pretty much it.

This episode was straight up awful.  Johnny Cage did not resemble the character used in the video games and the movies.  He was portrayed as a B rated action star, he didn't have the over rated action star ego and he was a former Power Ranger?  Really?  I would have accepted the character if they had kept the Jean-Claude Van Damme persona that Johnny Cage is based off of.

Where was the Kombat?  The only fighting we got to see was watching the TV show he was pitching and when he beat up a few guys at the end of the episode.  Both fights, very boring to say the least.  I would have been happy to see him give an autographed picture  "To my biggest fan" after beating up the thugs.

What absolutely killed the episode was the censored language.  All the F-bombs, S*** and hardcore violence is now being censored, even on previous episodes!!  If the censorship isn't lifted this will kill the series quickly.  Fans will lose interest and stop watching all together.  My guess is that the series was flagged by parents as being inappropriate to show on Youtube.  I don't know why people would do this, but I hope the censorship is reversed and the series is saved.

I hope next weeks episode gets back on track.  They need to find a way to remove the censorship and return to the strong start the series had with the first two episodes.  Leave comments below and let us know what you think!

Violent Score: 3 (out of 10)


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