Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Webisodes

Its been a year since the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth trailer created huge buzz on the internet.  Fans were disappointed to find out that the trailer was a fake and that a new Mortal Kombat movie would not be put into production.  After an outcry from fans, Warner Bros. agreed to give director Kevin Trancharoen a web series based off his Rebirth trailer.  The new series, now titled Mortal Kombat: Legacy, made its debut today.  If you are not familiar with the Rebirth trailer or this web series, you will notice Trancharoen is taking a "realistic" approach to this series rather than the mythical settings the previous movies.

Watch the first episode below and continue to read my review of Episode 1.

The first episode had a light start but built up to a bloody confrontation in the end.  We were introduced to a small group of characters from the MK universe, Sonya Blade, Jax and Kano.  These characters have had a long heated rivalry throughout the MK series so I felt this was a good way to start off the series.

The production value had a slight change from Rebirth .  Rather than taking the heavy theatrical atmosphere, Trancharoen seems to use a more conservative action movie approach. There were some great action sequences and the cinematography was really well done for a web series. 

I was disappointed to see the lack of hand to hand combat in the first episode, drowned out by gunfights.  I also felt the performance by Jeri Ryan (Sonya) fell a little short and didn't sell me on the tough badass Sonya should be.  It would have been nice to keep that dark dramatic environment Rebirth had but with a limited budget, the changes made worked well.

Overall I enjoyed this episode.  I was worried that the 12 minutes was going to be too short, but it all fit in real nicely, even with a short title and credits reel.  Sure this episode had some bumps and it wasn't as action packed as I was hoping, but it left me wanting more.  Hopefully this web series will live up to the hype and will have some of that unique cinematography that drew us into the original trailer.  Check back next week for episode 2!

Violent Score: 8/10


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