Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Game of Thrones Episode 6 "Golden Crown"

*Spoiler Alert* The Golden Crown is a moment and the end of a life. This great episode starts out where we left off in Episode 5, with Ned. Ned is alive and the first we see from him is Queen Cersei and King Robert standing in front of his wounded form. Cersei demands actions against Ned and his wife for the taking of her brother Tyrion, while Ned demands action taken against Jaime for attacking him, but Robert refuses to hear both parties and tells them to leave it be in a moment of firmness. With Cersei Robert crosses the line and slaps her hard across the face in order to get the point across. I don't know about any of you, but I could just see Cersei plotting revenge behind her resolute eyes. She seems to take the slap like a knight and shoots daggers at Robert in return. I expect the next episode to show the ramifications of Roberts action.
With relation to Ned's injury we see its effects on his girls. Arya has taken it quite hard and Syrio gives her a wonderful lesson about using her anger to train harder, because enemies will strike no matter how you feel that day. We see Joffrey starting to put his mothers wishes into action and wooing Sansa like a kindly prince. Ned comes to the decision to have his daughters leave for Winterfell, feeling it is safer for them there, but Sansa just complains while Arya quickly accepts this turn of events; showing that despite her being younger than Sansa she is more mature.
We also get a little back of Winterfell action in this episode and the growing divide between Greyjoy and Starks. We are starting to see the continually rejection of Theon from all of the Starks, mainly Robb. He is reminded time and time again that he is more of a prisoner than part of their family. We hear some more of the North and we hear the name Mance Rayder for the first time in this episode, although we do not know who he is. Tyrions contraption worked and Bran is thrilled to be riding outside with Robb and Theon nearby. They lose sight of Bran for a moment and Bran is attacked by four bandits, seemingly from The Wall or north of it. Robb bravely takes them on and shows that he is competent swordsmen and kills two of them with ease, while the leader takes Bran hostage. It looked to be a tricky situation till Theon sends a arrow through the leaders chest and ends that dilemma. We also see how good Theon is with a bow and his confidence in such matters.

Early on we also see Tyrion lingering over the cliffside of his Eryie jail cell, sleepily waking up at the last moment before falling to his death. A lot of Tyrion's sections from the book have been put into the show so far and this episode is no exception. Tyrion show's his persuasive abilities by eventually getting the jailer to deliver a message to Lysa. He manages to get everyones attention by saying he will confess his crimes, of course not the crimes they want to hear. He pisses Lysa and Cat off quite a bit retelling stories of when he had done awful things when he was young, like masturbating into his sisters soup. It was a pretty enjoyable and funny moment.

Tyrion claims he has done no murder and demands a trial by combat. His plan was to name his brother, Jaime, as his champion but to his dismay Lysa refuses the request due to how far away Jaime is. Just when it looks like no one will step up for Tyrion, who there would, then Bronn comes stepping out of the shadows. Bronn remembering Tyrion's previous offer of gold and rewards, while also possibly liking Tyrions character enough to fight for him. Bronn fights with only one sword, no shield, and light armor against a knight in full armor and weaponry. Bronn wears down his opponent with "dishonorable fighting" according to Lysa and wins the fight. One of the most interesting parts of this fight is Lysa. Once Bronn defeats his opponent he looks to Lysa and Cat to tell him whether or not to spare the knight, but they say nothing and he ends the man and pushes him out of the sky door. Lysa begrudgingly lets Bronn and Tyrion leave. Tyrion shows he is a honorable man by paying the jailer on the way out, like he said he would, and his last words being, "a lannister always pays his debts."
Now for Daenerys off in the distant east. We start with her in a revolting scene. They don't explain this a ton, but she has to eat a certain horse heart in order to bless her son and become infused with the power of her people. Disturbing as it was seeing her covered with blood almost throwing up it was great to see her strength continually building as she manages to keep it all down and smiles triumphantly. We also see that she now knows Dothraki tongue quite well in a speech that speaks of her son, which disturbs Viserys. Viserys sees that the situation is not something he cannot control and goes to Daenerys room to steal her dragon eggs to sell so he can buy an army. Thankfully, Jorah Mormont stops him and shows who his loyalties lie with. That doesn't stop Viserys though, he then walks straight up to Daenerys and pulls out his sword, pointing it at her pregnant belly. He then demands respect be given to him and that the Khal live up to the deal and give him his army and crown. During this moment we see the true madness behind Viserys eyes, we see what kind of King he could become.

The Khal agrees to his demands, but secretly has his men encircle Viserys. They use their whips to pull Viserys away and disarm him, showing how helpless he always was in a real fight. Now we are to the climax and ending my friends. Viserys yells out once more he wants his crown and the Khal laughs knowingly and say's a golden crown, while throwing gold into a pot over a fire. He melts gold and pours it all over Viserys head. I must say, excellent job to
Harry Lloyd for playing Viserys so well. In the moment he gets "crowned" he screams with a scream that you could hear for miles. Thus ends Viserys with a great line from Daenerys saying how he wasn't a true dragon because he was burned by fire, referring to a scene earlier when Daenerys picks up a dragon egg from a fire and is not burned.

This was a great episode, in a series of great episode. From what I hear from all the people who have early access to episode 7, which is only the HBO website (if you own HBO) for free a week early, is that next weeks episode will be even better. My one complaint for this episode is the lack of Jon Snow, but we will get to him soon enough I'm sure. I expect episodes centering on him often in the second season. I cannot wait to see the rest of the season, yet as a reader of the books I also fear it.

Violent Score: 9

Written by Sean Cargle
Photos copyright of HBO


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