Friday, May 13, 2011

The Witcher 2 Is Coming

Four more days till the sequel to the 2007's The Witcher, for PC, comes out. It was favored by critics and many people. It was dark gritty RPG that often left you on gray moral grounds. There was often not a good guys or a bad guys, but more of a feeling that both sides were bad people for specific reasons. It is a high fantasy rpg, with dwarves, elves, castles, monsters and all that good stuff. You played Geralt a monster hunter called a Witcher, which are modified humans who are part monster in order to be more effective against them. For those who did not like the The Witcher that much they have changed quite a few things in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings to accommodate many of the complaints from The Witcher. Specifically they have revamped the combat, no more having to time your attacks by clicking the mouse at the right moment. They also have changed around conversations a bit and generally improved on most aspects of the game. The engine for The Witcher 2 seems to be revamped quite a bit as well, it looks a lot smoother and cleaner than the slightly buggy and rough The Witcher. One complaint many people had with The Witcher was with quests. Quest's are now supposed to be pretty different; less traditional rpg quests and less kill x number of quests. The Witcher one was pretty great looking, but the Witcher 2 has improved upon that and looks gorgeous. Check out these comparison screenshots.
The Witcher

The Witcher 2

This game is looking to be pretty popular for PC, a lot of people are clamoring for a great RPG due to Dragon Age 2's failure to appease many RPG fans. According to the Witcher 2 already has over 100,000 preorders, that's pretty impressive. If you wanna check out that article take a gander ,

The Witcher 2 is created by CD Projekt RED and also published by them.They own the digital distributing website Good Old Gamers, which some of you may know. They are also very kind to their fans. For instance, they never charge for DLC, very attentive to community, provide lots of patches and supported The Witcher all the way up to 2010. They also released a enhanced version of the Witcher, which was massive and free of course, a year or two after it was released.
I personally really liked The Witcher, it is one of my favorite rpg's in the last ten years, but a lot of people had their grips about it. CD Projekt Red is trying to address many of those complaints with The Witcher 2 and it's looking to be very graphically impressive as well as having great gameplay and story. Bosses look to be menacing, large, difficult and really enjoyable to take down based on the trailers. It could be a let down, but chances are this is going to be a great rpg. Here is their release trailer that just came out today, which is pretty much all cut scenes but it is using the engine. I'm looking foward to The Witcher 2 and I hope I got someone out there interested as well. Check back later, once it's released on May 17th, for a preview and possibly a review.Written by Sean Cargle

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