Friday, June 10, 2011

Crimson Alliance E3 2011 Exclusive

We were lucky enough to get a shot at checking a upcoming XBLA title called Crimson Alliance, a co-op based RPG. It is developed by the incredibly nice guys at Certain Affinity, who previously had done map packs for Halo and Left 4 Dead 2. How they transitioned from doing map packs and DLC to a full fledged arcade game..I'm not sure, but they have done a great job doing so. Lets throw out some of the basics.

Gameplay Video

Quick Info
-Up to 4 player coop, no split screen all the same screen. Local and Online.
-3 classes; Fighter, Wizard and Assassin
-4 main useable items; turrets, healing aura, monster bait and flaming axes.
-Lots of difficulty options
-A lot of opportunity for re-playability
-A world full of secrets

The game is played level by level, almost in a linear way, but there is a world map in which you can select any level you have played before or go the merchant area. Attributes and abilities are unique. Unlike many rpgs, you do not level up, you gain abilities and better skills based on your equipment. Controls are very familiar and easy to learn, but take a decent amount of time to master. The four main items you use have a variety of ways to use them. For instance you can use the monster bait and the turret together to create a death trap for oncoming enemies, or you can use the healing aura to not only heal anyone in the vicinity, but it also heals and revives a downed ally.

Crimson Alliance looks to be the kind of coop XBLA game that people might really get sucked into this summer. Replayability is a huge factor in this game. There are a lot of secrets to find, a lot of equipment to find, three classes to try and master, many different abilities and a ranking system to dominate. Phil Wattenbarger, one of the developers, showed us how much time and thought they have put into this surprising game. We were shown a game that previously wasn't even known to us and by the end we both had become really interested in this very promising looking rpg.  The game is reminiscent of the old Gauntlet Legends, all of its simplicity is layered with depth and options.  It is also a very easy game to pick up and play without having to scroll through tutorials and learn the ins and outs. 

We hope that we can try this game once more, with a larger build, before it releases near the end of summer. Thank you to Phil and Tom, from the development team, for taking the time to answer our questions and give us a long demo. Also, I love the shirt.

E3 Trailer

-Written by Sean Cargle


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