Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 Wrap Up

E3 has been an amazing experience for us! It was hard to believe that we even made it in. Over the last three days we did our best to cover as much content as possible, getting info on the big releases and making sure to cover smaller indie games coming out in the year. We also talked to numerous developers who gave us in depth information and what we can expect from each game. All in all I feel we were very successful and got some great content to share with all of you. Below you can see our top pics of E3 and read our thoughts on them.

Violent Gamers Top Picks From E3:
Lokai's Top Picks From E3:
Games to look out for:
You are probably asking yourself "What the hell?? Where is Battlefield 3 or Skyrim or RAGE or Batman: Arkham City??" Well the fact of the matter is, these games were just too difficult to get our hands on. Many of the top games had lines that lasted hours or were reservations only (WTF?). So these were our top picks that we were actually able to play.

I just want to thank and Jen Friel for giving us the chance to even go to E3. If it wasn't for her this probably wouldn't have happened. Thanks for the support and keep checking back here for more updates and reviews!!

Also let us not forget about swag. Swag is fun and silly, most of it has no real purpose. Lots of lanyards, cards, posters and such. Here is Lokai's collection of his favorite findings.


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