Thursday, June 9, 2011

Metro Last Light:E3 2011

So we didn't get to actually play Metro:Last Light, but it sure did look pretty and impressive. The two of us at Violentgamer got into a showing, about 15 minutes long, of Metro:Last Light, developed by 4A Games and Published by THQ. If you cannot tell from the name it is the sequel to Metro 2033, a linear story based survival horror FPS set in post apocalyptic Russia. Metro: Last Light follows the same footsteps of the first game, except with many improvements. Our demo was mostly a tech demo, showing off lightning, physics and the graphics, but it also showed off a new mutant and a little gameplay.
The lighting we were shown in the demo is by far some of the best I've ever seen. In particular, there is a part in the demo in which he was on a train and as the tunnel lights went by it shadowed perfectly onto the boxes and moving train. The physics in this game were pretty damn impressive as well, walls broke and crumpled as bullets hit them, boxes were thrown from shelves, light objects broke into pieces and enemies smashed through objects and walls.

The demo started out with the demo-er climbing down into a subway tunnel and burning some webs in a gorgeous manner. He then proceeded to shoot out all the lights in the tunnel and sneak up behind a guard and stealth kill with a throat cut. He then sneaked into a small outpost and proceeded with stealthy maneuvers. He took out lights, a campfire and one guard before being seen, but once he was seen it broke into a large firefight that reminded me of a call of duty game. The gameplay was pretty typical looking off the genre, but it did look to be fun, even at the early stage it was in. The graphics are already fantastic and that may be a big enough drawn on its own, especially if it has solid gameplay. Check out the E3 Trailer above, it shows a quick glimpse of our entire demo, for the demo was all part of that trailer.


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