Friday, June 10, 2011

Star Wars: Old Republic E3 2011

Once again one of the most anticipated games of E3 was Star Wars: The Old Republic. After many E3 appearances and delays, it looks like Old Republic is getting ready to launch this holiday season. This was one of the games I thought I had no chance getting to play because of the long lines. Lucky for me I had an insider friend (@maniacalmorgan) who was in front of the line and saved me a spot (almost got caught!).

Once we got into the briefing room, we watched a short video of all the classes that were available to play and a short demo of how to use abilities of each class. I went with the Bounty Hunter Mercenary, a pistol wielding gunfighter with heavy blast attacks, while Morgan went with the Sith Marauder, a dual saber offensive powerhouse. We were on the planet Tatooine and had a quest to find a fallen Sith warrior taken by the sand people. We teamed up and traveled across the barren desert to look for clues where the Sith might be. After killing a group of sand people, we found a clue that lead us to a cave where the Sith was taken. It was too late for us though, the warrior had already perished, so we made sure to slaughter the whole group of buggers Anaikan Skywalker style.

The Star Wars universe is one of my favorite of all time. In this short demo we were able to get a taste of the strong story lines that BioWare loves to feature in their games. Since I was a bounty hunter, I made sure to be the biggest prick in all of my dialog choices. It really gave your character a lot of personality which all current mmos can't live up to.

Old Republic gameplay wont be anything new to current mmo players.  The same quest grinding and level up system follows the same trend of current mmo games.  What will keep you motivated is the strong storyline and the feeling your character is important to the SWOR universe. The Old Republic isn't offering a completely new way to play MMOs, but it is offering improvements that are leaps and bounds over the current mmo market.


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