Friday, June 17, 2011

Starhawk E3 2011

What happens when you mix a third person shooter with real time strategy elements?  You get Starhawk, an action shooter with strategic on-the-fly base construction.   Lightbox Interactive took a unique approach designing their next installment from the original Warhawk, but is it too much micromanagement?  It depends....

When I got my hands on the demo at E3, I was put into a 4v4 capture the flag match.  When the match started there seemed to be a scramble to figure out how to build structures and spawn vehicles.  In order to get base upgrades teams must collect Rift energy by racking up kills, assists or through exploration.  This added competitive side objective than your standard CTF. 

However, this didn't come without its problems.  Players on my team didn't seem to be coordinated, and started building multiples of the same structure, probably because they didn't know how to spawn a new jeep or Warhawk.  It was obvious that this game would be better suited for a group of friends teaming up and coordinate with each other. 

Overall I did have a lot of fun and saw a lot of potential for this game.  If you have a group of friends and really get communication down, you can own your opponents, but if your with a bunch of noobs, you will be at a disadvantage. 

This is actually me playing.


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