Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tera: E3 2011

Tera is a MMORPG , developed by Bluehole Studio. We got some hands on experience with this one on day one of E3 2011, we also got our very own representative, yeah we are awesome, to explain many aspects of the game. It has many familiar aspects of a MMO, but it also has a good deal of interesting aspects that add a fresh take. Prepare yourself for comparisons.

This game feel's like a MMO, but with many elements of a action game. You can do combo's, you can dodge enemies and combat is quick; all of which make it unique to the North American MMO market. The Priestess we were playing could also hold her own against multiple enemies, normally most MMO healer classes have a hard time fighting more than one enemy at a time. We were told that there is PVP, which is just capture the flag and objective based modes, and it is small scale. No more than 10 people in PVP matches. Something I found quite interesting was Deathmatch Challenges. These challenges allow a player to issue a challenge to all the players in a nearby area. Up to 20 players can compete in a team or solo deathmatch. Not too interesting sounding yet right, well during these challenges players can bet on the match. You can bet money or items which will get divided up to the winning team or winning person. I know I've never heard of anything like that before. There is also plenty of PVE (Player Versus Environment), but we were told the game is about 50/50 between PVP and PVE.
We also got to learn about how bosses work in this game. You usually fight them in small groups of five or less, or even solo at higher levels, and they are huge enemies that can apparently take up the entire screen (I would love to see a demo of that). There is a social system as well that is unusual to a MMO. There are 3 regions/factions in the game and each region has a governor who can set conditions for certain areas and collect taxes. They also have more to the social system, and governors, but we didn't delve more into questioning the booth attendant. Maybe more questions tomorrow. This game does look like a normalish MMO, but it also has quite a few unique aspects that might make it have a really big draw. I would love to get some more hands on time with game and learn some more about it. I also have to mention that the graphics and environment, in the area we got to play in, was absolutely gorgeous.


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