Monday, June 13, 2011

Terraria and Minecraft Updates *Updated 6/15

There was recently a big Terraria update right after E3 ended, so I almost missed it. It added a lot of interesting things, like harpies, mini-bosses, outfits and a lot more. So far the guys over at Terraria have released a good chunky update just about every week, my hats off to them. Here is a quick list of something of the cool new stuff from the update.

"Added Feature! - Social Slots. All normal armor and vanity items can be placed here to use their graphical appearance in place of equipped gear without overriding their stat gains."

New enemies-Rare enemies: The Groom and Dr. Bones
New NPC: The Bunny, The Clothier and The Goldfish
New Normal Enemies: The Cave Bat, The Harpy, Piranha, Corrupt Bunny, Corrupt Goldfish, Jungle Bat, Jungle Slime, Snatcher
New Random Mini-Boss: King Slime

* Eater of Worlds is harder to kill in many ways *Jungles can now spawn on the surface
*Corruption zones now have corrupted trees and life
For a full list (which is much longer than what I showed) head on over to the Terraria Patch Notes.

I know like many people out there I am waiting for a Terraria update that adds a new higher level area. It's been spoken about a couple times and should be coming sometime in the next couple patches. From what I recall it will be a cloud realm or something of the sort, we will see. For now, I am very content to hunt down all this new content.

Well for MC we have some update info and also some post E3 info. For Post E3 info it looks like Minecraft is coming to Xbox360 and Xperia PLAY.
*Here is what notch had to say about the Xbox 360 version-
"Minecraft is coming to XBox 360. It will be a new version of the game, designed specifically for console play. We haven’t decided on a name yet. It will feature (but not require) Kinect support, and is being released “this winter”. It will be a 360 exclusive title."

*About the Xperia PLAY version-
" Minecraft is coming to Xperia PLAY. It will be a new version of the game, designed specifically for mobile play. This version is called “Minecraft - Pocket Edition”. It’s built as a native Android game, and will take full use of the Xperia PLAY controls. After some period of exclusivity, we will release it for all modern Android phones."

For the PC version, the most important version!!!, there is something exciting planned. Unfortunately, Notch doesn't want to explain too much yet but he did have this to say about the new "adventure mode".
- "We are working on Minecraft Beta 1.7, which I’m referring to as the “adventure update”. We’re keeping the details secret so people can get surprises. The idea with this update is to flesh out the game a bit, making it reward exploration and combat more. Assuming we like them in play testing, pistons are coming in 1.7."

For the full post check out The Word of Notch.
I don't know about any of you other Minecraft fans out there, but this sounds pretty damn exciting. I've been waiting for something like that for a long time. When all this will come out? He doesn't say and I don't know. Knowing Notch though probably sometime in the next two months *sigh*. Anyways, If I find out anymore I will most likely do some kind of small post about it. Currently working on finding all this new stuff in Terraria, so at
least there is that.

New information and video on Pistons. They seem to have two different types, a latch type that holds objects and a piston the moves objects. I can think of some interesting traps with these. Check out the new video.


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