Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trenched E3 2011

A tower defense with player controlled robots, giant zelda style bosses and loot, yes please! Trenched is a XBLA game and PSN game that is developed by Double Fine. It is similar to the game Toy Soldiers, another XBLA game, except that it has quite a few unique and interesting qualities.

Basic Info
Developed by: Double Fine
Game type: Tower Defense/Action
Length: 15 missions and 3 different theatres of play.
Area Type: Four tower defense missions, followed by one boss fight (who has three phases)
Release Date: 6-22-11
Interesting Features: Loot, big bosses, hands on tower defense, coop.

Trenched looks to be a good competition for Toy Soldiers, the other tower defense XBLA game, that comes out this summer as well. It was really cool how you can find loot and equip your mech. Usually you cannot get the highest ranking on a level the first time around, but once you get better equipment you can come back and get higher and higher ratings. The 15 missions seem to be a good length, 15 min per mission, so about 4 hours on a average run through. On top of that you will have coop and reasons to continually replay levels. I'm a little worried about the longevity of the game, but otherwise it looks to be a treat for any tower defense fans, especially the kind of gamers who like to get in there and bring some of their own destruction to the table. Graphics look pretty good for a XBLA game, seemingly high quality comparatively on the few missions I saw. For some hands on, check out our video. Thanks for reading.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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