Monday, August 29, 2011

Achron The Time Traveling RTS

Take a fairly typical looking real time strategy and then throw in time travel, time travel that affects gameplay in a major way. In this game you can prevent future mistakes, reinforce units in the past and plan the devastation of your enemy, but so can your enemy. How the balance works for this game, I know not, but the prospect that time travel is the major gameplay mechanic, not base building or resource gathering, is really exciting. You have a timeline that shows several minutes and it also shows resources, damage dealt, chronoengery, when you were under attack and units created. In order to manage time travel you have chronoenergy, a regenerating resource that is used to determine how far into the past you can change events, the longer into the past the more chronoenergy you have to use. The game has options like pause and slow motion in order to give the player a chance to issue specific orders in the midst of chaos. Also, there is a fast forward button that is mainly for catching up to the present once you have got into the past. All of this, in basic details, entails what makes Achron stand out against the vast amount of RTSs and indie games. It is made by Hazardous Software and it was released today, 8/29/11, on steam for $29.99, on sale from $34.99.

Achron Gameplay Trailer

The game is singleplayer and multiplayer, over large scale maps. It also has the common RTS elements, like base building, resources and technology upgrades. I've watched several gameplay videos, single player and multiplayer, and the game seems to contain a deep complexity that tends to draw hardcore players. The managing between time travel and normal RTS mechanics seem to be pretty extensive and difficult. I must say that Achron looks really difficult to get into and learn, but I demand a demo, there isn't one, before I can make any decisions about that. Pretty tired of indie games not having demos and that normally means they don't get much attention from me, until I can try them, but Achron looks very unique and complicated. The price tag is rather high for indie game though. Let's hope for a demo and an awesome demo at that to get me hooked. Thanks for reading, will get back to you all on this game when I can. To get some info on the games species and more information on time travel, chronoporting and paradoxes, head on over to;
main website:
If you want to get really confused by this game, check out this 1vs1 mp match by Shadowfury 333.I think it may hurt more than it helps.
HD Achron- 1v1 Shadowfury333 vs KingJohnVI

-Written by Sean Cargle

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