Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aliens: Colonial Marines First Gameplay

Today, a trailer popped up for Aliens: Colonial Marines, the first trailer that shows any gameplay what so ever. I must say, I like what they are going for and I hope they can create a respectable Aliens game. The last Aliens Versus Predator game fell short of expectations and while it offered a unique experience, it didn't offer one that was wholly enjoyable or similar to what fans of the series were asking for. This new one, Colonial Marines, is made by GearboxSoftware, a company that hasn't done any game that is even slightly relate-able to Aliens, but they did make games like Borderlands, The Brothers in Arms Series and a bunch of silly Half Life expansions (like Counterstrike and Opposing Force). Colonial Marines is being made for Ps3, Xbox360 and PC, with a hopeful release date of Spring 2012.
Unfortunately, they offer damn near no information on the game. We do know that the main campaign will be focused on Marines, but there isn't anything stating whether or not you could play as Aliens as well. It seems to be focused on customization for your marine; you have loadouts, you have experience that earns you perks and you have weapon customization. One awesome feature is cooperative mode, but it isn't some half assed coop mode, it's fully involved. At any point during the single player campaign you can call in your friends to assist you and the entire campaign can be played cooperatively with four players. They are also try to make it a seamless drop in/drop out cooperative mode, meaning that at any point players can enter and exit the hosts game. Other than that information, there isn't any available to the likes of me, sorry, but there is this exciting new trailer. Thanks for reading and hope someone else is a little excited about the prospects of Colonial Marines.
Main Website: http://www.sega.com/alienscolonialmarines/?t=EnglishUSA

Aliens: Colonial Marines Debut Trailer

-Written by Sean Cargle


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