Monday, August 22, 2011

Anno 2070 Introduction

Anno 2070 is a new game on the Ubisoft front for PC, it was announced sometime after E3 2011 and it is in early production. It is developed by Blue Byte, but championed and developed by Ubisoft. It is a strategy and city builder game, seemingly with a emphasis on the city builder part, because that's the first and only aspect of the game they have shown off so far. I originally thought it was only a city builder, but one of the newer articles I've seen about describes how if you aggressively expand your city you may anger your neighbors and incite war. It is set in a seemingly plausible future where you have to choose if your city will go an environmental route or more designed for growth and capital. You build a city on land and there are also underwater areas that you may develop. The game focuses on being able to adapt to a future of little resources and fierce competition for the few that still exist.
ANNO 2070 - City 02
The game has a very pleasing graphical style that looks gorgeous. The game will have two single player modes, one that is objective based while the other will have no time constraints. Also, there will be multiplayer with various multiplayer modes that have not been revealed yet. Surprisingly, they are claiming to have a 2011 release date for this game, but I wouldn't believe that for one second. I'm sorry to say that there isn't much more news on this game yet, but it does look pretty promising. I can't wait to see how the strategy section of the game plays out in this engine, also to see how they are going to tackle combat and politics. Check out the two trailers for the game so far, one of which is from Gamescom 2011. Thanks for reading.
Official Website:

Gamescom 2011 Trailer

Anno 2070 First Gameplay Trailer

-Written by Sean Cargle


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