Friday, August 5, 2011

Bethesda Suing Minecraft Creator

This has been all over the news today, but some of you may have not already seen it. Bethesda is suing Markus Person, "Notch", for his upcoming game, Scrolls. Scrolls is a card based game that they haven't revealed many details about over at Mojang; it is now getting sued due to Bethesda claims that Scrolls and Elder Scrolls titles are too similar. It would be a plausible law suit if Elder Scrolls had anything to do with scrolls, but it doesn't, and Notch seems pretty surprised by the whole thing. Bethesda has demanded a ton of money from him if he even attempts to take it to court, so we will see what happens in the long run with this. Notch doesn't think it is Bethesda's developers, but rather their lawyers behind the whole thing and he holds no hard feelings towards them (yet). Feel like reading the whole post about it? Well head on over to The Word of Notch and hear it from Notch himself, but to me this whole lawsuit is pretty ridiculous. Is Bethesda seriously worrying about people confusing The Elder Scrolls and Scrolls? One of which is a huge blockbuster open world RPG and the other being a card game...What a bunch of crap. I hope Bethesda loses this one hard. It's a little crazy that the guy who has had a million chances to sue countless Minecraft clones, is now being sued for something less substantial or tangible.

-Written by Sean Cargle
*all information paraphrased and taken from The Word of Notch


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