Monday, August 1, 2011

Bioshock Infinite Impressions

The E3 video for Bioshock Infinite came out to the public not too long ago. It contains about fifteen minutes of gameplay, gameplay that has never been seen before. At first I didn't care much about Bioshock Inifite- I haven't cared about Bioshock since I saw Bioshock 2 fail before my eyes- this video got me interested again. This isn't the same tired game design from Bioshock 2, it feels fresh and new like Bioshock once did. It has originality and the story, while a little familiar, has a lot of exciting possibilities. On top of all that, the sky city of Columbia doesn't look like a Rapture of the sky, it look's and feels different. This city is at war and there aren't monsters in every corner, unless you count the cruelty of humans as monstrous. I'm a little surprised this game is still being made by Irrational Games; it almost seems like a different company that is trying to do something great again. The world is set in 1912 and the main character feels a bit like a hard boiled detective novel protagonist.

BioShock Infinite
The video shows off a lot of the gameplay mechanics, specifically the rail system, and some of the world. The most important parts of the video have to do with the story. It shows off some believable voice acting and seems to be a story worth fighting for. I love the guardian, it's a mix between a big daddy and some kind of eagle or giant bird. It feels terrifying and unrelenting, like no matter where you hide, it will come for you. The video doesn't show much of a hud or anything, it's rather clean looking, nevertheless it does show off some real gameplay that hasn't been seen before. They also reveal a couple decisions made by the player, although we'll see if those choices will actually matter in the retail version. So many games portray these big moral decisions, but then they don't back them up with any kind of consequence or reward. The video doesn't solidify the awesome qualities of this game, but it does present them in a promising manner. Hopefully, they will come out with more about this soon so I can report back on it. The next segment of this article is a short story about the last few minutes of video. I thought it was an interesting idea, but it may just be lame, let me know. More importantly though, watch the video! Which will be posted right after the story.
BioShock Infinite
I threw my hand into the air, the hook held firmly in my grip, and rode along the rails with screamers racing by me. It takes me up near the floating menace of the sky, it still burned while it rained down destruction upon the woman I vowed to protect. Buildings rose up to my sides, some of which look serene, but others show evidence of the war and chaos of this place, all that we yearn to escape from. My thoughts clear and focused as I approach the great war machine of the sky. Luck is on my side this day, the fools fly it too near to the rails, there is hope. The next moments came quickly. Before I knew it I was propelling myself through the sky and for just a moment I thought I would fall into that deep blue sea of clouds and sky beneath me, but then my feet hit the metal platform. I had a second to catch my breath, but they had seen me, they were coming for me, guns drawn and those twisted smiles on their faces. They died, it wasn't too hard to end their lives, but I wish I wasn't in that place, I wish I was back home. I rounded the grating on the corner and spotted the engine room. I could hear the sounds of movement inside, but I wasn't sure how many manned the machines, it didn't matter. I raced into the room, feeling the heat on my hands from the metal of the machine gun, maybe I had fired it too quickly. I fired a burst as I rushed into the room and dropped the burning gun on the floor, thankfully a shotgun stood in my path. There was four of them, not enough to stop me. My powers are strong and they didn't stand a chance. Next thing I knew that room was on fire, the engine burning, the sirens screaming. I looked down into the chaos below, seeing little but rails, buildings and clouds; there was no time. I jumped for it and hoped to god, or whoever was listening, that I would survive; it wasn't my time to die, not till she was safe and my job was done.

Bioshock Infinite: 15 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

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-Written by Sean Cargle


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