Monday, August 8, 2011

Borderlands 2 New Details

So there hasn't been a lot of news about Borderlands 2 yet, except that it was being developed by Gearbox Software again, but now Game Informer has got some of the first details about it. Let's get at them.
-First off, the game is still based on four player cooperative, but the four characters are not the same ones from the first Borderlands. Although, the four characters from the first game will be in the game as Npc's. One of the new characters is the Gunzerker, Salvador. He will be the only character who can dual wield any weapon.

-They are also trying to do new dynamic missions, ones that require you to finish missions with certain requirements. For instance, if you take too long on a rescue mission then it will shape the story to your failure.

-They claim that the AI has been greatly improved. Enemies will now have a varied amount of weapons to choose from and will interact better with each other. They have also revamped non-aggressive AI for NPC's, they will now move about areas and offer interactive dialogue.

-There is a new element, Eridium, that can be used to modify items. You can apply it to weapons and vehicles to improve their stats. You may also use it as money.

-Vehicles are still around, but now with a lot more variety and significance. Some vehicles now support four players, something I always hoped for it Borderlands 1.

-Weapons are all new! All of the old weapons have been scrapped in order for them to make a whole new set of weapons to enjoy. Each gun manufacturer will have their own style and unique qualities for each gun. Also, weapons will have custom decals and enhancements.

-The skill tree is going to be very similar to the 3-branch system from the first game, so nothing much new there, but the system did work pretty well in the first game.

Of course, expect more Claptraps and a very large scale game. That's it for all of the new details for Borderlands 2. Would love to see how some of this actually turns out, but I'm glad to see that they aren't trying to be too ambitious with the changes.


  1. Yeah, it's good that they aren't trying TOO hard.

    Hoping the game comes out sooner (April/May 2012) as opposed to later >_> I'll be a first day purchaser. Most likely of any special/limited edition XD

  2. Like the first one a lot eh? I had a lot of fun running around playing COOP in it and, but the singleplayer for it wasn't too fun at all.