Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Desktop Dungeons

This game has been around for a while, but the full game is not released. It is a rogue-like rpg uses that an overhead view. There has been a free version out for a long time, which I've played pretty extensively, but recently the developers at QCF Design have come out with the beta for the paid version. The free version is downloadable, while the beta/full version currently uses the unity web player on their website for Desktop Dungeons. Why is this game fun? Well, like all rogue-like games there is that permadeath to make things depressing, but you can unlock new classes and areas every time you play. There is also a lot of humor infused in many aspects of teh game. This all sounds pretty familiar for a rogue-like rpg and the free-to-play version is mainly just the basics.
Free Version Screenshot

You start a game as one of 8+ classes and choose a dungeon, there are many different types of dungeons. Some dungeons are pretty normal, but there are specific ones that have two bosses or specific types of enemies. During each game there are gods that you can align to and that's really one of the main ways to win, because if you do the right things for your god then you can earn great and powerful powers. Why is the game fun? Well, it's a little bit of puzzle mixed with rpg. You cannot just run everywhere, because each time you reveal some fog of war you heal HP and Mana. So, if you carelessly run around the map then you will not make it to the end. The free-to-play version has a lot to unlock and enemies to defeat (like super meat boy!), but the beta/full version is very impressive sounding.

Paid/Beta Version Screenshot

I haven't played the beta version, but I really want to and if you pre-order the game you can play the beta right now and you will own the game when it comes out (just like Minecraft and ProjectZomboid). There are three versions to preorder: $10 is the normal version, $20 is the "support the devs version" that gives you some extra content and $75 is Exclusive Edition (or the "I have way too much money to throw around version") that gives you all kinds of extra content including your name in the credits and a character or quest in your honor. I'm going to check out the beta and I will get back to you all on that later, but if you feel like playing a, usually, quick rpg then head on over and check out the free version. Also, the game won the 13th Annual Independent Games Festival so it definitely deserves some attention. Thanks for reading.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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