Saturday, August 27, 2011

High-Level Operation In Star Wars: The Old Republic

During Gamescom, SWTOR showcased one of the high-level operation runs which players can participate for end game content. Named the 'Eternity Vault' players must embark on a quest to secure the ancient evils that are threatening to escape and cause major harm to the galaxy. In the following video, a group of Imperial forces are dispatched to investigate the prison and to neutralize the dangers within. You will also get to see what roles each class in action. Similar to other MMOs, each class has a different role in the group such as healing, damage or tanking. During the beginning of this video you will also see how the player driven dialogue is used during gameplay. Enjoy!

*Thought I would add this video showing off Crafting/Crew Skills. I hadn't ever seen it before and it looks to be fairly old, but the information presented in it is interesting.


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