Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Infamous 2 DLC

I always wondered if they were going to a DLC for Infamous 2, or just use the user generated missions to pump out some stuff, but it seems that they are doing one and it has to do with vampires. I'm about to beat Infamous 2 and I don't really understand how a vampire DLC might possibly fit into the story, but the setting is perfect for it and Undead Redemption showed me that monster settings like this can be a lot of fun. Although, Undead Redemption was rather easy, but I wouldn't expect the same from Infamous 2. Turning Cole into a vampire, why not, as long as you get some fantastic new powers. Here is the fairly hard to see trailer, it looks like they are going for a October release. Thanks for reading, check back later for more. I'm dying to share some of the great new BF3 videos, so expect those at some point.

inFamous Vampires


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