Thursday, August 25, 2011

Legend of Grimrock

What is Legend of Grimrock? It is a dungeon crawler game with a some slightly up to date graphics, puzzles, rpg elements and adventure. There hasn't been a good looking dungeon crawler in quite a long time, I do remember Wizardy on the PS3, but it just wasn't that fun. They are attempting a late 2011 release, for PC, Mac and iOS. It is created by four developers who have over thirty years in experience, combined, making commercial games. They call their little company Almost Human. Some of the games they have worked on are Max Payne 2, Alan Wake and Shattered Horizon, which doesn't really say too much in their favor, but at least they have worked on some large retail games and I am a fan of Alan Wake.
The graphical style of this game reminds me a bit of Amnesia, with the same kind of lighting and object movement. Unlike most dungeon crawlers, this game is going to be real time, not turn based. They believe that making a dungeon crawler real time will make the game feel more atmospheric. Also, they like the idea of having puzzles having time constraints. There will be a character generator and a preset roster of characters. Sounds like pretty typical characters for a dungeon crawler, but it looks a lot like some of the great old dungeon crawlers. Sure it doesn't look like much to people who don't have nostalgic memories of finding secret doors in a vast dungeon of monsters, but to those of us who remember the old greats, like might and magic, this could be something really enjoyable. It looks to be a interesting mix of old and new elements. I brought all of this up because they just released the first gameplay video of this game, so check it out.
Official Website:
Gameplay Video of Legend of Grimrock

-Written by Sean Cargle


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