Friday, August 26, 2011

Metro: Last Light Playthrough

Metro: Last Light, made by THQ and 4A Games, is a linear story driven FPS that is the sequel to Metro 2033, which came out in 2010. We reported on the E3 demonstration that we were shown back in June and now the exact E3 demo is now released to youtube, oddly enough the second E3 demo that was released today. It shows off the great lighting and action sequences that we were shown, but it show's how linear the gameplay is. It's so easy to relate this game to Call of Duty, but maybe if Call of Duty mixed with the world of Fallout, monsters and all. The graphics are very impressive and the stealth system seems functional, but they have yet to show anything beyond this segment of gameplay. It remains to be seen if the production value, design and story will push this game to be great. Metro 2033 was an interesting game, just like this one, with some great looking environments, but it had plenty of flaws and it got fairly repetitive. I hope that future news will make this game become a contender to the next Call of Duty or Gears of War. For now, enjoy the E3 gameplay video, it's impressive. Thanks for reading. This weekend may have a lull in news, since I work and not much new is announced or shown, but I will try.

Metro: Last Light Demo Playthrough

-Written by Sean Cargle


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