Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Teasing From Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you are like me, you are a huge Star Wars fan and make daily references to the Force- as well as constantly discussing how lame the new Star Wars movies are compared to the originals. If you are also like me, you have had, or still have an unhealthy obsession with the MMO genre, whether you admit it or not. So when you first heard about Star Wars: The Old Republic and how it is being developed by BioWare, you got a fat chubby in your pants..... just like me.

Over the years we have been getting updates for this highly anticipated MMO, but it has always been just a tease. With multiple set backs and all the video content released by developers with no official release date (which we are still waiting on), it feels like a cruel joke to die hard fans such as myself and more importantly you, my dear reader. When we attended E3 this year I was actually able to get my hands on a short demo of the game. You can read my experience here. Since E3 I have been obsessing over this game and searching for any sign of a release date or hint of beta access. On July 21st, a month after E3, the game became available for pre-order with the announcement of early access to a limited number of people who pre-order the game. It seems now we are getting closer and closer to the inevitable release date we have been waiting for.

With Gamescom held over the last couple days, it's no surprise that SWTOR would be there in full force to give us another tease of what we can expect from the Old Republic. A live stage was set with eight players grouped to do an Operation, the Star Wars equivalent of a raid. The demo showcased each of the class roles, along with the different abilities each class can contribute to the group. It also gave us a look at how fights and boss encounters are structured in the Operations. With each new gameplay release I get more excited and anxious to play.

When the day comes, Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to be a huge release. With a record setting amount of pre-orders for EA, and all of the guilds pre-forming online (join the dark side and be in Unlimited Power!), SWTOR is going to be one of the biggest game releases in history! Check back with us frequently for news updates and an official release date when available.
If only you knew the power of the dark side!

Essels Gameplay Walkthrough (13 minutes)

Jedi Consular Trailer

Gamescom 2011 Dark Side Gameplay

Huttball Warzone


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