Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Over 5,000 Hits This Month!!

I just wanted to dedicate this post to everyone that has been reading our blog.  We have put a lot of time and effort to make this blog your primary source for gaming news.  It is hard, very hard to compete with the bigger mainstream gaming news websites, but thanks to you we are making great progress.  Our next goal is to find a new site where we can expand and add more features to make your reading experience more enjoyable and interactive.  This will take some time and money, so it will not be a quick change over. 

I set out to make this blog a year ago for the intentions of sharing our views of video games and gaming experiences.  Also, getting into big gaming events such as E3 and also having access to early game releases so we can review them before they hit the shelves.  I can say a year later we have accomplished our goals.  During this year we were able to attend E3 2011 and meet some of top designers and figures in the gaming industry.

Gaming is a passion that all of us here at Violent Gamer Reviews share.  For most of our lives we have been dedicated gamers and are a little more obsessive with the industry than others.  It is exciting to see the progression the gaming industry has taken in the last 10-15 years and where the future of gaming will take us.  Thank you everyone for helping us get to this milestone for our website, and keep on reading!

Special Thanks To:

Sean Cargle - For his major dedication to the site since its conception.
Wesley Birch - For his contribution in editing and graphic design.
Our Readers - Without your views, we would have no inspiration!

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  1. Thanks to Adam Borchert for making this post and creating this blog last Fall. Here are some stats, because August was awesome.
    Posts- 67
    Views- 5,764
    Posts- 30
    Views- 3,055

    Go August and thanks everyone. Hope to keep up this rate of posting the rest of September, although once school starts it will be tough.