Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project Zomboid Update Inbound

It's been many long weeks, months really, since the last update of Project Zomboid, precisely since my last post on this game, on June 20th, when the alpha tech demo was released. All the time and no update, but the team at Project Zomboid, the Indie Stone, has been hard at work fighting various complications and finally have resolved to release their big update. If you want any background on the game head on over to my original post and see what the game is about. Suprisingly, they have deal with even more hardships and difficulties since my original post and if you don't remember, or haven't read it, Project Zomboid was stolen and uploaded onto torrents. Not only was it stolen, but it had all their code in it and was update-able; every time someone updated the pirated version it used the Indie Stone's update server and cost them money, so all the pirates out there, who thought big deal, were damaging this small indie company quite badly. Anyways, they are releasing the Project Zomboid update this Sunday, August 28th. This information is really only important for people who own the game/beta, but quite a lot of purchased the game back when the demo came out, especially since so many people were taken with it's unique approach to a zombie game. For people who have never played it, the demo is still available and still free, so head on over and check that out.

Main Website:

Now for the changelog and list of new features. Behold.

1) Craftable doors. Smashed doors have a chance of dropping hinges and door knobs.
2) Open doors now block vision/collide at their new angle.
3) Professions and traits - initial character customization.
4) Cooking food. Fully functional ovens.
5) Food now goes bad. Refrigerators slow down the process. Eat consumables first!
6) Chance of illness if eating spoilt or uncooked food.
7) Bored and depressed moodles. Read books or magazines or go for a stroll outside to relieve boredom (more later). Eating cooked meals also reduces boredom / depression.
8) Curtains. Block view into building without needing barricades. Sheets can be used to make makeshift curtains.
9) Various bug/crash fixes. Notably no more fire crashes.
10) Burglar alarm on a couple of random buildings on the map.
11) Barricading and crafting etc now takes time to complete. Alterable by different traits.
12) A few more foods and cooking apparatus / crafting recipes.

That may look small for a big update, but let me assure, many of those updates are quite significant, particularly #3 Professions and traits. There has been many other possible additions mentioned, but it doesn't look like they are going to get into this patch. They have a lot planned, like friendly npcs, a larger map, a longer story segment, more weapons, more craft-able items, but they promise that the update following the update on sunday will not take nearly as long as this one took. I hope all of their troubles are over, some day I may join the many who have invested in Project Zomboid. Thanks for reading and for additional information, I refer you to the main website or the forums. Will report back with more news on this enjoyable and promising zombie survival game when more news shows itself.

Official update post:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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