Thursday, August 18, 2011

Return to Medieval Total War 2

Why? I will give you two damn good reasons why; Third Age Total War (The Lord of the Rings Total Conversion Mod) and Call of Warhammer (The Warhammer, not 40k, Total Conversion). They both offer vastly different experiences from vanilla Medieval 2 and they both contain an immense amount of detail. Both mods require the Kingdoms expansion and one of the latest patches, but other than that they are easy to install and play. Let's start with the lesser known one, Call of Warhammer.

Call of Warhammer
Just like the Warhammer 40k Universe, this world is dark and full of chaos. The entire premise of the single player campaign is about fighting the coming storm of chaos. The campaign has a special crafted world map, fairly large compared to Third Ages world map, and 10+ specially crafted factions. Five of those factions are all dukes, they are all humans and all have similar troops, but they start in different areas and have some special units. The rest of the factions are very unique and diverse, whether you choose Followers of Nurgle, Followers of Khorne, Night Goblins, Vampires, Dwarves, High Elves, Dark Elves, Orks and several others.
The amount of detail they put into each faction, the graphical displays and damn near every aspect of this mod is outright crazy. Everything looks great and on top of that the campaign feels balanced. My main complaint about Third Age Total War is that the campaign is super difficult, you have to play it on very hard difficulty, but for Call of Warhammer you have the normal choices and it is appreciated. There are super unique units that aren't anything like Medieval 2, like the wizards or vampires. I never was too much of a fan of the original Warhammer universe, but this mod makes me want to be a fan and I've been enjoying every minute of it. Check out this gameplay video and get excited, hopefully.
You can download here:
More info here:
*screenshot taken from Call of Warhammer Total War Center Forums

Warhammer Total War

Third Age Total War
I have to confess, I've probably played Third Age just as much as vanilla Medieval Total War 2. It is a hard brutal game, but there is so much to like it. They present every faction from the books, at least every faction most people would probably think of, and they are all playable. They all have their own graphics, unit details, information, cities, buildings and special units. Unlike Call of Warhammer, there are no factions that are very similar ,except for the two elf and dwarf factions, but even they have more diversity than the six or so human factions from Call of Warhammer. The campaign map is Middle Earth, the parts that are familiar and unfamiliar, all of it. Many of the major structures/cities have their own unique battle maps (like the hornberg, the dwarven capital, gates of mordor and many other places).
The gameplay is tough, but if you can get past the intial push then you can get into a decent position. The hardest faction seems to be Gondor, but all of the factions have suggested enemies (which you can turn off) and most of those are going to kill you if you don't kill them. There are mega units, like the Balrog, Sauron, The Black Riders, Trolls and a few others. They are very hard to kill and remind me a bit of the beserkers from the Rome Total War expansion. There is a fellowship campaign that is very unique and fun. You start with the fellowship (each unit being a small unit of 20-30 soldiers) and go through the whole story of with all of the characters. They follow the book more closely than the movies does, so if you see discrepancies that's why. The campaign is fairly difficult, but not as hard the normal campaign. The fellowship campaign is a big draw on it's own, even without the rest of the features of this game. Everything is reworked, overhauled, redone and full of detail. This mod is so big and popular that there are many modifications for this total conversion. This an excellent example of what the modding community can do and a great reason to come back to play some more Medieval Total War 2 again. Watch this video and check out this mod, they deserve it for all their hard work.
To download and for more information:
*screenshot taken from the 175 page screenshot topic on Third Age forums.

Third Age Total War Trailer

Thanks for reading, hope someone tries out these excellent mods.
-Written by Sean Cargle


  1. Thanks for posting this guys. I have been LOVING Shogun 2. Its my first total war game and after seeing the LOTR mod, I am totally going to try Medieval 2.

  2. I do recommend it, although it and Shogun 2 are both melee based combat systems, Medieval 2 offers quite a different experience. It's often on sale on steam for the gold edition *expansion pack and everything* for five bucks or so.