Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Simpsons Video Game (Arcade) Review

No doubt The Simpsons have had a major influence over millions of people around the world.  Their popularity sky rocketed in the early 90's and "D'OH" was a common expression in the American household.  Once Simpsons fever swept the country, a flurry of Simpsons games hit the market in the 90's.  Most of them sucked but the very first one made is still the most popular and memorable out of them all, The Simpsons Arcade Game.


During a robbery, Waylon Smithers steals a huge diamond from the Springfield Jewelers. On his way out he bumps into the Simpsons making the diamond fly up in the air and land in Maggie's mouth.  Rather than just take the diamond and run, Smithers snatches Maggie and runs off.  The Simpsons give chase and have to fight suited goons and big bosses through 8 stages set in Springfield.


This game is a classic beat um' up title that supports four player co-op.  Each player chooses one of the four available characters each equipped with their own attack moves and special abilities.  It runs like a Final Fight, moving from different areas and beating all of the goons on screen.  At the end of each stage there is a boss fight.  When the boss takes more and more damage they will flash red and their attacks will be quicker and stronger.  The final boss fight is against Smithers and Mr. Burns which one of those epic boss fights you wont forget, with an ending that is a perfect fit for the Simpsons.


I mean, Ok, I really did not need to add this section but hey, might as well right?  The four characters you can choose from are Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa.  Homer is one of the key characters to use if you are going to play co-op.  Homer has some of the best tag team abilities out of any of the characters, especially when he and Marge lock up in the rolling ball of death!  Lisa would be the weakest link out of all the characters.  Her attacks are very short ranged and her tag team abilities are not very good.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best sold cabinet arcade games that came out in the 90's.  Nearly every arcade I went to had one of these machines.  Its hard for me to think that this game came out 20 years ago.  Even today I see people at the local arcade pumping quarters into this classic.  EA Games did release a remake of this classic for the iphone and ipad.  I wish they would bring it to Xbox and PS3 and make online co-op.  Maybe one day...  If you ever come across this game at an arcade I would suggest that you give it some of your loose change. 

I claim this game to be LEGENDARY

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  1. Ha! I would play the hell out of this as a kid. I would always pick Lisa or Marge, don't know why. Guess I had a thing for the ladies...