Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Monday Night Combat Announced

Super Monday Night Combat, SMNC, is the follow up to Monday Night Combat, the multiplayer tower defense FPS for xbox 360 and PC that came out, with a solid following, back in January, 2011. It was, and still is, being developed by Uber Entertainment. I've played Monday Night Combat quite a bit and it's a fun game, but like other multiplayer FPS games, it was prone to be teamed with poor teammates on a regular basis or being teamed against hardcore players that are very not fun to play against. Nevertheless, the first game received pretty good reviews, 82 on Metascore (not that metascore is a good indication of a game's worth) and now at PAX 2011, they have announced a sequel called Super Monday Night Combat. So far they only have a trailer and some information, but it looks to be adding new classes and it is going the free to play route. Feel free to watch the first SMNC trailer below and if you want more information on the first game, MNC, head on over here.

Super Monday Night Combat PAX Announcement

Now for the extra tid bit of information about SMNC. Like previously mentioned, it is now going to be free to play with a small amount of emphasis on premium services; they claim that most everything will be able to be earned, not just purchased. The artistic style for the game will be very similar, except they are trying to do some nature oriented environments instead of inside arenas. They are also trying to make the game a little more realistic looking, which remains to be seen since it still looks fairly cartoony. They are revampaing all the playable characters, what they call Pros, to make you rely more on team mates then powerful weapons and upgrades. The engine they are using is an updated version of Monday Night Combat's engine and it was originally designed to be an update for MNC, but they pushed it into SMNC instead. Bad news for Xbox 360 fans of MNC; SMNC will only be available on PC, on steam, when it is released sometime in the winter of 2011/2012. There will be a beta starting sometime after PAX 2011, which would be anytime now and more information about that will be on the forums. For a full list of all the announcement information head on over to the forums for the post by Uber Entertainments Creative Director, John Comes.

The first game was a lot of fun, especially with friends, so I'm pretty interested to hear more about this new one, but honestly every time a game goes from paid to free to play I get a little nervous. So, here's to hoping SMNC turns out excellent and even better than the original. Will bring more news on this when I can find it. Thanks for reading. Extended trailer below.

Super MNC Art and Gameplay Teaser

-Written by Sean Cargle


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