Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tropico 4 Demo Hands On

Tropico 4
I've spent far too long today delving into this sim-building game. If you've played Tropico 3(the only one I've played) it's very similar to that design. This is a game like Sim City, Rome: Civ, Caesar and many other games. Tropico 4 has more elements to it than any of the other three previously mentioned sim building games. You not only manage civilian operations, but you also have to deal with revolts, uprisings, elections, politics, world wide diplomacy and trade. Tropico 3 was a good game, but it was a little too slow and boring for most people (especially at the start). Tropico 4 still isn't the most exciting game at the start, but once it gets going it get pretty addictive and interesting.
Every level takes place on a island, of varying sizes and resources. There are multiple types of farms and certain types need to build in specific climates and elevations. You have an almanac that makes it easy to keep track of your peoples happiness, trade, diplomacy, income and most everything all in one place. The UI has been generally improved upon from Tropico 3 and all of the menu's seem to flow smoothly. I love that many buildings have several options to them, whether its upgrading them with accessories or choosing what their main focus is. Trying to balance between all the factions and countries is more fun than difficult, Communist all the way right? Whoever you end up supporting the most, ends up supporting you the most financially during the good and the bad times.
They added a few elements to make Tropico 4 more involving than it's predecessor. One of which is the plentiful amount of side missions, one's that you don't have to do. In Tropico 3, if you didn't do a side mission, it often hurt your reputation with some nation, but now the side missions are a lot more friendly. Tropico 4 also feels a lot faster paced, thanks to multiple speed options and a easy income system. Many aspects of the game feel the same, except most everything feels improved and enjoyable, but that's not to say Tropico 3 was a bad game. The demo only showed off one campaign level, but it was a lot of fun, even when the tornado showed up and destroyed half my city...good times. I couldn't grasp Tropico 3, but Tropcio 4 was easy to get into and lot of fun. I hope I get to try it some more before the game comes out on September 1st, 2011. It will be available on steamworks, other digital distrbution websites and retailers.Tropico 4 is produced by Kalypso Digital Media and developed by Haemimont Games.
The demo may be found on steam and on fileplanet, it sizes up at about 1.5 gigabytes. Below is some footage I took from the demo, enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Tropico 4 Demo Gameplay

-Written by Sean Cargle


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