Friday, August 19, 2011

Wildstar Gameplay

A new MMO called Wildstar was announced at Gamescom. Initially, not much had been shown about it, but now an eight minute gameplay trailer has spread it's way around the web. Wildstar is a space/futuristic MMO, by NCSoft, that has pretty familiar looking MMO mechanics, but a lot of newer inventions to make the MMO stand out among so many others. The gameplay shows off two classes and a couple areas of the game. One thing that I like is that combat looks a little quicker than most MMO's, but that could just be how they edited the video. Also, there are points when the character is actively dodging things, that's not typical. While the combat does look a little typical, it also looks exciting. The game revolves around collecting, combat, exploring and building, but they haven't got into any details on their website yet. They seem to be nailing the futuristic setting and making it their own. I'm still more excited about Star Wars, but this looks to be a interesting game to watch out for. Without futher ado, watch this eight minute gameplay trailer, it's good stuff. Thanks for reading.
Official Website:

Wildstar Gameplay Footage

-Written by Sean Cargle


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