Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Witcher 2 PC Version 2.0

This is not just some update, it's something much more. If anyone has remembers The Witcher Enhanced Edition, think more akin to that. It adds tons of a new content, all nine dlc, 20+ technical enhancements, dark mode and more. Oh and it's free to anyone who already own the game, thank you CD Projekt Red for not being money grubbing jerks. This is all for the PC version of The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings, which I did a review of some months ago here. They have just released a new developer diary that details all of the content of version 2.0. Some of the most exciting new content is the arena, dark mode and the new tutorial. If anyone recalls from my preview and review a while back, the tutorial was fairly non existent and it made the beginning of the game really grueling. Despite that the game was a really great game and this version 2.0 will make it even better.

The Arena is a new mode that takes place outside of the story. It involves going against waves and waves of increasingly difficult enemies, but what makes it special is that their will be armory that you can purchase new equipment from; so there is a level of persistent customization and progression. Other than that it looks fairly typical, but I'm sure it will be pretty enjoyable. The second new mode is Dark Mode, which they didn't go into much, but they did say it will be similar to the insane difficulty from the game right now. Insane difficulty didn't let you save, only autosaves, on top of the enemies being more difficult. Dark mode allows you to save, but the enemies will even more difficult. It also adds new weapons and armor that has something to do with dark mode. They also claimed that choosing this mode will affect the story and game in some way, other than weapons and armor, but they didn't want to spoil anything. That's all from this update, but it will be released on Septemeber 29th, 2011. Check out the developer diary and get excited people. If you haven't bought The Witcher 2 already this should give you even more reason to support these excellent developers, one of the few companies out there that doesn't charge you for continued support and content. Thanks for reading.

*Update- The Witcher 2 is on sale for $30 at this weekend. Check out the article here.
The Witcher 2: PC version 2.0 developer diary

-Written by Sean Cargle


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