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Big Games of October

All the big releases are upon us and October is no exception.  We have compiled a list of the big games coming out this October along with some trailers and gameplay videos to help make your decision a little easier.

RAGE - October 4th (360, PS3, PC) $59.99

Developed by ID software and published by Bethesda, RAGE is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious and jaw-dropping out of all the games coming out this quarter.  After a meteor hits Earth, you emerge in a world that is trying to rebuild.  With the threat of raiders, mutants and the Authority, you must fight your way to restore civilization.  For more details on RAGE visit:


Dark Souls - October 4th (PS3) $59.99

The sequel to the immensely popular Demons Souls, FromSoftware and Namco Bandai want to take you back to the dark fantasy world with bigger dungeons, new terrifying enemies and the unique online experience from the original.  In this action RPG, players are encouraged to explore a vast world overtaken by a dark possession.  For more information check out:

Spider-Man: Edge of Time - October 4th (360, PS3, 3DS, Wii) $59.99

For the past few years, Spider-Man games have taken a strange direction story and Edge of Time is no exception, but fans of the web-slinger keep coming back for more.   You play as present Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099, working together in a parallel time to prevent the death of Spidy.  The game features "cause and effect" moments that will alter what happens in the timeline.  The game is written by Marvel veteran Peter David.  For more info check out:

Payday: The Heist -October 4th (PC, PS3/PSN) $10-$20
This is a FPS, another one, that is coming out in October, except this is a smaller scale title. It is attempting to replicate the movie Heat, into a game. You control a bank robber, from a crew of four robbers, while you roam the streets trying to escape, fighting waves of SWAT officers and taking hostages. It look decent, especially for a smaller title (will probably be between $10-$20) but in the midst of all the October big releases it will be easy to miss. So, keep your eyes out for this one.
For more info:

NBA 2K12 - October 4th (releases on everything! except DS) $59.99 

The NBA 2K series has been dominating the basketball market.  With NBA Elite on hiatus, NBA 2K has been surging forward offering better controls, graphics and the freedom to play old school teams like the Jordan Bulls, Showtime Lakers and the Bird Celtics.  This year is looking to be another big year for NBA 2K.  For more info check out:

ORCS MUST DIE! Oct. 5th on XBLA and Oct. 12th on PC/Steam $15-$20

We discovered Orcs Must Die! at E3 2011.  It was one of the first games we got hands on time with and we were blown away by how addicting this indie game was.  With the simple objective to kill orcs, this game puts you in over 20 different levels and gives you an arsenal of traps and weapons to kill the raiding orcs. It's an addicting mix of tower defense and action, similar to Sanctum, but with a fantasy setting and a lot faster paced  Happy Killing!!
For more info:

Might & Magic Heroes VI -October 11th (PC) $49.99 
I did a preview of Might and Magic Heroes VI, back when it was doing it first open beta. The game impressed me more than Heroes V did. Heroes VI looks to be bringing back some of the addictive and exciting qualities that the Might & Magic series is known for, but in the midst of all these October releases I worry for it. Here's to hoping this is a great turn based RPG, especially since there are so few good ones these days.
For more info:

Forza Motorsport 4 - October 11th (360 exclusive) $59.99
The next entry in the Forza racing series is upon us, with new graphics, new cars and new tracks. This a realistic racing game, so if you enjoy games like Burnout or Need for Speed, like myself, then you will probably want to stay away from this one. However, if you like racing games like Gran Turismo, then you have much to look forward to in Forza 4. It is slick looking with some excellent graphics, but it always comes down to how they balance realism with fun, so we will see when the reviews come out later in October.
For more info:

Ace Combat Assault Horizon - October 11th (360, PS3) $59.99
The Ace Combat series has you taking to the skies, engaging in modern dog fights with modern jet's. Ace Combat has a descent following but it has suffered for it's high difficulty, poor camera angles and for how unenjoyable it is for those who are not enthralled with idea of controlling jets in modern combat. We got to see this game at E3 this year and it impressed us both. For the first time in the Ace Combat series they implement controllable attack helicopters, mixing up the normally jet only game. On top of how fun helicopters  where, the jet combat is pretty smooth and engaging, adding a new dog fighting mode that makes it easier to stay with the action. Ace Combat Assault Horizon could be surprisingly good, so keep your eyes out for it. 
For more info:

Batman: Arkham City - October 18th (360, PS3, PC) $59.99

Developed by Rocksteady and published by Warner Bros. Interactive, Batman: Arkham City looks to build upon the dark and rich story of Batman: Arkham Asylum.  With a brand new story and introductions to classic Batman villains, its up to the Dark Knight to keep order in Gotham City's new maximum security home for thugs and the criminally insane.  For more information check out:

Rocksmith - October 18th (360, PS3) $79.99

I know what you're thinking... "Not ANOTHER plastic instruments music game!" Before you jump to conclusions check this out.  Rocksmith is exclusively for teaching you how to play a real guitar, and not just that, you actually play a REAL guitar!  With a USB adapter, Rocksmith lets you plug in any guitar and let you play along to both classic and current music tracks.  Rocksmith also adapts to your skill level, it will know when you are getting better and add more notes for you to play!  For more info check out:

Serious Sam 3: BFE - October 18th (360, PC) $39.99

When developers Croteam knew the next chapter of Duke Nukem was probably never going to come out (now its out and it sucks!) they took matters into their own hands and made this spin-off macho man vs scumbag alien first person shooter.  Now with the big disappointment that was Duke Nukem: Forever, its up to Serious Sam to come in guns blazing and remind us all why we loved killing aliens in the first place.  For more info check out:

House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut - October 25th (PS3) $29.99

For those of you that spent a lot of time in the arcade, there is no doubt you pumped a few quarters into the co-op shooter House of the Dead.  With a few attempts to make it onto console, House of the Dead: Overkill looks to bring the classic arcade game into a full HD blood bath.  Exclusively for the PlayStation Move, HotD will let gamers play a new chapter of the series in the comfort of their own home.  For more info check out:

King of Fighters XIII - October 25th (360, PS3, Arcade) $49.99

With a big overhaul of the fighting engine, the return of fan favorite fighters and an improved network functionality, King of Fighters XIII looks to bring the best fighting experience to die hard fans.  King of Fighters is one of the biggest tournament style fighting games on the market and also one of the only fighting genre companies that actually listen to its fans.  Developers at SKN Playmore took in all the feedback from fans and created a well polished fighting games that fans will be proud of.  For more information check out:

Battlefield 3 - October 25th (360, PS3, PC) $59.99

With the FPS wars heating up, EA looks to come out out top and become the new leader in FPS shooters.  Battlefield 3 takes a big step forward for the franchise delivering superior graphics and sound quality, life-like character animations and epic scale battles.  There is no doubt that this will be one of the biggest games to hit shelves this year!  For more information check out:

BF3 - Caspian Border Gameplay


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