Friday, September 23, 2011

Blockade Runner Overview

Minecraft In Space!!! Kind of. At the very least, it has the look of Minecraft, and it admittedly gives recognition to Minecraft and Infiniminer, but it's definitely different and unique. Blockade Runner has you designing space ships and space stations. You can mine asteroids and participate in space battles, all in the same kind of pixel graphical style as Minecraft. Right now there is a free demo version and a paid version, much like the model of many ongoing indie projects. Unlike many other indie games, Blockade Runner's free version will be continually updated with content, but it will be several weeks behind the paid version. Right now the game is in super alpha mode and is working on release 1, which is estimated to be done by 2012. Blockade Runner is worth taking note of, even though it may be fairly hard to enjoy at the moment.

Blockade Runner has the makings of a multiplayer first person adventure space sim. By the time release 1 is done, Six Sibling Studio plans to have fully destructible, crewable, starships in a large randomly generated galaxy. Release one sounds like their first "retail version" that they will release, but they will also have more versions after that. They are trying to make it so you can build and highly customize your own ships, then have some big player versus player combat, or some cooperative space battles and adventures with 2-16 other players. The cooperative parts of the game won't come until release 2, release 1 will focus on space battles, building space ships, and space races.

I played the limited free version of Blockade Runner a bit and it mostly just made me interested in what the future will hold for this game. This could turn out to be a excellent space multiplayer game, especially since they are already addressing my concerns about how difficult it can be to build a working space ship. To make it easier to make ships, they will have editor templates and help that will allow you to build ships rapidly, so you don't have to wait to long to get into the action. Just like Minecraft, it will look ugly to some, but Minecraft has definitely gotten much more graphically impressive, hopefully so will Blockade Runner over time. Check out the free version or their new video, but most importantly, watch out for this game during the next year. Thanks for reading and website information will be below.
Main Website:

Blockade Runner R1W11 Gameplay Video

-Written by Sean Cargle 


Shadow of Death said...

Giving this a shot. It's only $10 to start, so at worst, I wasted the price of the average indie game.

When I have more time I'll try to create a ship of my own.

Lokai said...

Let me know how it is. The free version was a little tough to work with, but the paid version is 4-6 weeks ahead of the free version.

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