Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bloodrayne Betrayal Impressions

I have played the demo and surprisingly I didn't hate it. When I was investigating the game back when I did the September Game releases, I didn't think much of it. It looked like some generic side scrolling action game with a poorly done art style, but now I see that the game plays much better than it shows. You control the vampire Rayne, the icon of the series, and she is going after other vampires. She has two blades as her main weapons, each blade fastened to each arm. You are a blade whirling vampire of destruction as you bring down other vampires and monsters. Bloodrayne controls similarly to a Castlevania game, except Rayne is quite a bit more agile than Alucard or any of the Belmonts. One of my favorite features of Bloodrayne is that you can drink the blood of your enemies, as long as you stun them first. So, if your in the middle of a fight, almost dead, just drink that enemies blood and your good to go, thankfully it is a quick process and can be done before getting nailed by other combatants. There are also sun lamps littered throughout the world, ones that hurt you and your enemy, leaving it up to you on whether or not to destroy them. The demo also shows off some monsters, like these annoying little toads and giant mosquitoes that you can drink, but they aren't nearly as fun to fight as vampires. I wouldn't buy this game based on the demo, but if it goes on sale sometime I probably will, it was was a lot better than I could have expected. The graphics, by the way, for a small time like this are dark, stylish, bloody and great.

Bloodrayne Betrayal Debut Trailer

Some last information, this game is for PSN and XBLA. It's out already on PSN, but not yet on XBLA. It is developed by Majesco Entertainment and it costs $14.99. For more check out the official website, but if you are interested download the free demo on PSN.
Main Website: http://bloodraynebetrayal.com/

-Written by Sean Cargle


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