Monday, September 26, 2011

Demolition INC. Hands On

They promised a demo and were good on their word. I did an overview of Demolition INC. back when it came out, talking about the basic aspects of the game that are described on their website. The developers of this are Zeroscale, whom did some other games that I'm very unfamiliar with (maybe because they are from Germany), but feel free to check out that hyperlink and see their catalog. Demolition INC. is a PC indie game all about destroying cities and restoring nature, but not for any moral reasons, just because it's your contract and you are the demolition crew. You must destroy 100% of the map and you have various different tools at your disposal in order to get this done, all of which are indirect tools that you use manipulate vehicles in some way. They made destruction feel pretty satisfying, especially when destruction is caused by chain reactions that take down half a city block. The game has a very cartoon like style to it, one you would expect to see that's about an alien demolition crew, while it doesn't look spectacular it certainly make's the game feel like an arcade game, in a good way.

Demolition INC. - Trailer 

Each map is pretty much entirely destructible and every time you destroy buildings you get rewarded with cash (for score), occasional items and the area will get turned into a delightful little park. The maps in the demo are fairly simple, yet I still had to restart them once or twice. I've read a couple of other reviews that liked this game quite a bit, but they claimed that there was occasional gameplay bugs that screwed everything up, especially when you are relying on that one item to work correctly. The demo was pretty smooth and bugless, but that doesn't reflect the full version, nor does it reflect the difficulty of this game. The farther you get into the game the better you have to plan the use of your items, items like oil cloud, cow bomb or goo spot. Oil cloud and goo spot both directly affect vehicles, making them slide into buildings or explosives based on where you placed them, while the cow bomb is used to create chain reactions that will hopefully take down buildings. These are only three of the items in the game, of which there seemed to be at least ten (based on the spots on the item bar).

There is a bit of strategy to the chaos of Demolition INC., but that's mainly for the main mode. There is also a rampage mode, which let's you use items that you've unlocked on any level you have beaten on the main mode. What makes rampage mode carefree is that it gives you an excessive amount of items, so you don't have to worry about strategy too much, instead you can just enjoy destroying the map with whatever tools you have unlocked. I can definitely see the later levels in Demolition INC. becoming quite challenging, but I am uncertain of how long of a game this is, it seems like a may be short game, based on how it took me twenty minutes to go through three levels twice each. However, there does seem to be at least some options for replayability, one of which is a universal scoreboard that allows you to match up against everyone else in different categories, I surprisingly managed to get first place in time on a couple of the levels (somehow).

Demolition INC. plays on your want for chaos and destruction, and it does it well, but it needs to remain diverse and challenging throughout the entire game to be worthy of a purchase. After playing the demo I don't really want to go out and purchase this game right away, unfortunately, but I did have fun playing it and I wish the demo had been longer so it could have got me properly hooked. Check out the demo yourself, it came out on steam today. The full game costs $10, which isn't bad at all, but my worries about replayability and repetition still remain. If you want to check out the Rock Paper Shotgun review of the game, then I will include it below. Thanks for reading.
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-Written By Sean Cargle 


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