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Dungeon Defenders Overview

How Dungeon Defenders finally managed to get back into my radar, I'm uncertain, but I bet it had something to do with their developer diaries showing off the massive amount of neat features that this game will have. I originally played Dungeon Defenders in a super early alpha demo, one that only allowed you to play one class and was pretty unpleasant, but that was at least a year ago and now the game is looking quite good. This is a game that combines tower defense, loot, rpg and action. You fend of hordes of enemies with friends, build traps/towers/barricades, level up and allocate stats, four classes to choose from, all kinds of different loot of different rarities, crafting and plenty of other interesting features. One of those features is that the game will be cross platform between PSN, PC and Mobile (iOS and Android). It is coming out for XBLA as well, but the Xbox 360, or Microsoft, don't support cross platform. It is a small indie game/arcade title, but using gamespy it will be doing cross platform between the three, something that I'm always a fan of and have always wanted to see done right. It is being made by Trendy Entertainment and published by Reverb Publishing. I am willing to bet that you don't know Trendy Entertainment, but Reverb Publishing has published a lot of smaller titles for PC, PSN, XBLA, PSP and all kinds of platforms. One important thing to note for Dungeon Defenders is that it very much looks like a online game, not singleplayer, most of it's aspects and features seemed gear towards persistent online cooperative gameplay.

The Four Heroes 
There are four classes in Dungeon Defenders. The first of which is the Apprentice, a young mage (character design is possibly a ode to black mages from the final fantasy series) who gets use of tower defenses like lightning, magic missle,  fireball and deadly striker towers. Other than towers, he has abilities like mana bomb, a large area of effect attack, and overcharge. Next is the Huntress, a master of traps. She uses the inferno, proximity mine, gas, ethereal spike and darkness void trap. She also has her crossbow and the piercing shot ability (a shot that goes through many enemies) and invisibility. So the first two classes are ranged classes, the Apprentice and Huntress both have pretty powerful sounding traps/towers and abilities, but probably can't take many hits and must rely on others to do. The next class is the Monk, a expert in spear fighting and a support character. Most of his abilities are geared towards helping other players, or hindering enemies. He has aura's, instead of traps or towers, and he gets a healing aura, an ensnare aura, an electric aura, a crippling aura (weakens all nearby enemies) and an enrage aura (an ability that makes enemies fight each other for a short period of time). He also has two boosts, one that boosts the power of all heroes/players, while also regenerating their health and another that increases the strength of towers, while also healing them. The last class is the Squire, the wannabe knight who uses brute strength and powerful melee weapons. The things he can build are: spike blockades, harpoon turrets, slice'n'dice blockades, cannon ball turrets and bouncer blockades (walls that actively push the enemies back). The squire also has a circular attack that hits all enemies around him and blood rage, which increases damage, speed and resistances for a short period of time.

Is that Squire Holding a Lightsaber? 

Four player cooperative play across online and local. Foes will drop money and loot, loot that you can trade or store for later use. There are three different game modes, story book style campaign, challenge mode or survival mode. Survival mode is fairly typical, last as long as you possibly can against increasingly difficult waves of enemies, while story book mode are levels that can be beaten, played on various difficulties and have story cut scenes. Challenge mode lets you go through any level and alter the rules and goals, so basically a custom mode, but it doesn't say how much you can change the settings. When you defeat a wave of enemies, sometimes up to one hundred enemies, all of the heroes will get experience that they can use on leveling up various stats and abilities, or they can use it on upgrading their towers/defenses. That all sounds pretty normal right for tower defense/rpg mix, but it looks to be very attractive and enjoyable. 
You have an adventures tavern that allows you to display your loot, achievement and statistics to anyone. It will also have a persistent online leaderboard. One neat feature for this "genre" is that you can have pets. There are various different pets, all of which provide different styles and gameplay bonuses. All of your pets can be leveled up and customized, you can also trade them to other players. The PC version of Dungeon Defenders will come with mod support immediately and all versions of the game can expect future DLC after the initial release. Some of the next classes that they are working on/contemplating are the summoner and the jester. The PC, PS3 and mobile devices will all be able to share character save files, but not the Xbox 360. The mobile devices are referring to the two versions that are already out on iPhone's and the Android. The game will have player versus player through the challenge game mode. Each account can have up to twenty four saved characters. 

Dungeon Defenders- Developer Diary #1

Dungeon Defenders - Developer Diary #2

 I just realized that I've never said when Dungeons Defenders will be released, how sad, well, it will be coming out on October 19th, 2011. That's about all for this game, but it has piqued my interest with all of the persistent rpg elements and tower defense cooperative action. Also, it has a graphic style that looks great for a small arcade title, reminds me a little of the allure of Castle Crashers. If you haven't watched the developer diaries up above, I recommend it, that is unless you think this game looks like rubbish. Thanks for reading and if you wish to check it out yourself I will leave the link to the main website at the bottom. Working on a Q & A for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare right now, but that will probably come later this week. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle 


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