Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

A new Humble Bundle has arrived on the market, costing you anything from dirt cheap to thousands of dollars (people have payed that much, like Notch). This Humble Bundle only includes the game Frozen Synapse, which I would pick up if I didn't already own it, a game that normally costs $25. The charities that it will be donated to are EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Child's Play (donations for sick children in hospitals in the US and world wide). If you spend more than $4.39, as of right now, you will get the previous humble bundle as well; The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. That bundle included Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Splot and a bonus for the game Prototype. Take a gander at this trailer for the whole package.

If you can't tell from the trailer, Frozen Synapse is a top down turn based strategy game, something rare these days. Most missions in the game have you controlling several soldiers trying to rescue hostages, eliminate all hostiles or trying to reach an objective. I've owned it for quite a long time, since it's beta, and I like the game and I've always regretted not playing it more. It offers a singleplayer campaign and a multiplayer package with many different game modes. The art style is neither fantastic, nor boring, but reminds me of some futuristic arcade game and it may be very pleasing to some peoples' artistic tastes. At the very least, this is an excellent dealing, even if your a cheapskate or if you have no money. Check it out! Thanks for reading. 

 -Written by Sean Cargle 


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