Friday, September 16, 2011

Minecraft 1.8 Story

  My world is created, everything is well. Green trees are everywhere, sheep, cows, a mysterious experience bar looms before. First thing I think is that I will probably need a bed and some better tools. So I wonder away from this enticing clear meadow by the sea and head towards tall dark looming trees in the distance. On the way I find some sheep and find that they no longer drop wool from mere hits, now they must die to give you wool, this makes me sad, but I need my wool and the sheep must die. I look vainly around for any signs of civilization, but nothing, just giant trees and a dark forest looming ahead of me. I check the sun to see how much time I have and notice that days seem to take longer than they used to, that makes me feel a little less scared to be stuck out at night with no home to return and shoddy equipment to fight with. I entered the forest finally and right in front of me loomed a giant canyon, a canyon that seemed to have no obvious path down into it. So, I use blocks and try to create my own path, one that will not require me to jump to my death. Halfway down I notice something, something I've never seen before...

What is that? Lights in the distance and wood platforms, this is a new world and I am it's first player, this is something new. I make my way down the canyon side some more, but fall, surprisingly without meeting my death. This is the first time I notice how the food system works now, the more your hunger bar is filled the faster your health regenerates, seems to work well. I enter the canyon and notice that there are small tunnels, that have braced wood platforms (like a mine would), in every direction. The wood platforms have webs on them, web's I cant seem to break so I move on. I can hear monsters everywhere, mainly spiders, but I cannot see them. There are torches here and there all over these tunnels, but I'm paranoid anyways and place torches all over the place, just for good measure. I exit a tunnel platform and come into a larger chamber, before I can examine my surroundings a large green spider comes jumping at me (a boss monster?). I pull out my sword and get two hits, but one of the spiders hits drops half of my hit points. Stubborn as I am, I try to run, but it was far too fast and I died on the spot.

This time around, I head a different direction, towards the desert. I am quite curious about the boss spider, but I'm more interested in finding a NPC village and making a bed. This time I head through the desert and find a mountainous area, but it's night and creepers, skeletons and zombies are all over, no endermen though. I travel below the mountain tops along the coast, trying to avoid trouble, but fighting creepers from time to time. I make it through the night fairly unscathed, although the landscape has some new holes in it, but as the day nears I climb to the top of a mountain to get my surroundings. It takes a short while, but I get to the top and see all below. Everything looks nice it's in minecraft way, especially with grass all over, and I can see far with the new field of view, but no settlements or man made objects in sight. I continue onward, in random directions and finally I see something, torches. As I get closer I notice that is a village, but no signs of npc's or life, just a few forges, libraries, farms and houses. I finally put a bed in one of these houses and decide to end my adventure for now; I had to go look up and see why there wasn't any npc's (not till next patch apparently).

Sure nothing too exciting happened in this adventure and I wish I had gotten some screenshots of that spider boss, but at least I got murdered and found some cool places. Now for some non related minecraft news, before I leave for the day and go work & drive.

Portal 1 is free on steam until September 20th! Grab this is if you don't own it already. 

Steam is having a massive sale for all Star Wars games (50% off) 
 -Picked up Stars War Republic Commando myself

King Arthur is 75% off, but if anyone really wants it email me, I have a free copy code available. 

Sony is revamping the PS3 Eula in order to make it so you can no longer sue them if they have another breach of security:

That's it for now everyone. Thanks for reading and I appreciate it. Be back with more news tomorrow and Sunday, probably not anything else today. Have a great weekend!

 -Written by Sean Cargle


  1. Sam FlegalSep 16, 2011 02:53 PM
    Minecraft 1.8 is probably one of my favorite game updates ever.

    One thing I've noticed, that wasn't DIRECTLY commented on in the patch notes (though hinted at) is that they've DEFINITELY made some adjustments to how the world is randomly generated. I'm not talking about the houses and mines, those were mentioned, I'm talking the general landscape seems to be 10 times as epic as before, consistently.

    Me and a buddy were up wayyy too late last night playing and perpetually stumbled upon epic canyons, islands, mountains, floating islands, and natural mines that seriously looked like they went on forever.

    The food system, while a tad irritating (because it's a new hurdle to deal with that we're not used to) still adds another dimension that minecraft kinda needed.

    My ONLY complain is the rock monster things. I dunno what they're called, but occassionally if I break a block a stream of like 10 little rock monsters pop out, they're not entirely difficult to deal with, but IT IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Especially when I'm closing a hole in a wall of a mine or something, then the LAST block I touch subsequently destroys all my work.

    Great article.
  2. LokaiSep 17, 2011 01:27 AM
    Block monsters?? didn't know they existed. I will have to play with you guys sometime, was looking for people to play this with. Can't wait till experience matters for something and towns are filled with npcs. Thanks for commenting though, we don't get enough comments.