Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rage and Battlefield 3

I just wanted to share two videos, one for BF3 that shows off Caspian Border (the 64 player large scale vehicle/infantry map that also is using conquest mode, not Rush) and the last of the official RAGE gameplay videos from Id, this one showing off an area called Jackal Canyon.

Battlefield 3 by DICE
This is another video from the beta, like the one I posted on the BF3 impressions a day ago, but this user has access to the closed Caspian Border map that EA is doing small scale tests for, as in there are few servers running it and you have to know the password. Caspian Border is a very large map that has jets and mechanized vehicles alongside infantry. The map is gorgeous and something I'm dying ti play after only having access to the far more linear Metro level. The video already has over a hundred thousand views, specifically because it's a very long demonstration of the map and the recorder/player was able to get a lot of great looks at gameplay, it also helps that it was a lag free server. This video is twenty three minutes long and pretty enjoyable to watch, check it out. Thanks to jeffriseden for uploading the video.

RAGE by Id Software
This Rage video is the last of the official gameplay videos posted by Id Software. It starts off showing off a bit of vehicle gameplay, something that has been talked about quite a bit, but hasn't been shown. Most of the video is about a area called Jackal Canyon, some kind of bandit base. The FPS gameplay shown in thsi video isn't anything new if you've seen any of the other RAGE gameplay videos, but it still show's off a gorgeous looking engine and environment. RAGE comes out October 4th, something that we are both excited about here at Violent Gamer, and it will be available on PS3, 360 and PC. Take a gander at this video and thanks for reading this small little post.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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