Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rochard Overview

Rochard is probably a game that most people haven't heard of, I hadn't heard of it until I was researching my list for all of the September game releases. It is a side scrolling platformer that combines action, physics, gravity, space bandits and puzzles. It is a PSN exclusive, so it will probably be smaller in size and production value, but despite those possible limitations, it still looks to be a significant contender on the XBLA/PSN market. Rochard actually won an award for best downloadable game at Gamescom 2011. It is a game that was slated to come out in the next couple days, but now I can't find a specific date, only confirmation of a September release. It is being developed by the small team at Recoil Games. Here's a recent trailer to give you a idea of how the game looks and flows.

Rochard E3 2011 Trailer

In this game you take control of the miner John Rochard, a man who runs a team of miners, a team that is producing the least amount of materials in the solar system. John discovers an alien structure and his team suddenly disappears, while he wakes up on an asteroid surrounded by space bandits. Similar to the gravity gun from Half Life, John Rochard uses a gravity device called the G-Lifter to move heavy objects around, a device that is vital to solving the puzzles and challenges of the game. The game uses a cartoonish visual style that filled with humor and personality. It will have five long chapters that will have some fast-paced platforming, filled with puzzles and action. Rochard is using the Unity engine and it will have a 1980's electronic southern rock/blues soundtrack. Of course much of this information is claims, not fact, things no one will be able to claim with certainty until playing the game themselves, but Rochard certainly looks interesting. It is a game with promise and something that looks like it could be fantastic, or fall flat with poor physics and story. It should be coming out sometime between now and September 28th, it was confirmed for September 30th for European release, and it will be around $10 on PSN. This seems like it would be a great game to have some kind of cooperative mode, but there isn't any information on that unfortunately. Can't wait to see and hear more about the game. Thanks for reading everyone and hope I put this game on your radar, at least for the time being. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle 


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