Friday, September 2, 2011

Running with Rifles Impressions

A neat little war game that takes only a couple minutes to download, install and start playing. It it a top down shooter with an interesting art style that I like, but I'm left wanting more from it. It is made by Modulaatio Games and I am uncertain if that's just one person or multiple people. The gameplay is quite simple at first, run around shoot the enemy soldiers and try not to die. Thankfully, there is a lot more to it than that and after dying far too many times, I figured out that there are actual squads moving around map, there are attack orders from superior officers and there is a crude map. Later I would learn that there are different weapons, different ranks and capture-able areas. Also, if you actually follow around friendly squads and try to be a team player, then you will live a lot longer and make a much larger impact.
I really like that this game has deadly and quick combat, more so than what one might expect from some little indie war shooter. One shot, an enemy is dead and the same goes for you. Entire squads can be down in less than a minute and you will be respawning. Expect to die a lot in this game, but once you learn how to use cover, grenades and squad mates effectively, your life expectancy may extend a little bit. You can execute stealth attacks and the game has day/night cycle. So, at night stealth attacks actually work better since the enemy can't see you as far. While this is a simple game, it has a big goal. The whole point of the game right now is to choose an army and help that army conquer the map, but the developer wants to add in so much more than that. Right now Running with Rifles is just single player, but they are working on online. Playing with, or against, other players in this game would probably be really enjoyable. There is only so much you can do by yourself and you have to rely on the AI to take on the other parts of the map, but I could see it being much more dynamic with several other players running around leading squads of AI soldiers. In the foreseeable future they want to make the one map even larger and more diverse, by adding rivers, bridges and rooftops. They also want to add more maps, more details, more options, polishing and some AI large scale tactics. In the long run they want to do add some crazier stuff, but that's not going to be in an update anytime soon. To read more about their goals and aspirations, head over to their main website. If you got a few minutes and like games like Cannon Fodder, or other top-down shooters, than this game is worth some of your time. It is in alpha though, so don't expect too much from it just yet. Thanks for reading.

-Written By Sean Cargle


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