Friday, September 2, 2011

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Co-Op Mode

Exterminatus is what they call it and it's not what most people were hoping for. It's set to come out in October, one month after the release of Space Marine, which comes out Sept 6th. It will be four players fighting against innumerable amounts of Orks in a unending arena of death. You get a score and there are dynamic challenges that will pop up, challenges that require you to do things like kill X number of Orks in X number of seconds. If you succeed with a challenge you may get extra lives and points, but other than the challenge feature this mode sounds so very much like every other survival co-op mode out there. You get to choose from three classes: Tactical Marine, Devastator and Assault Marine. With those three clases you get to choose perks and weapons. It's in a arena, it's based on the two main scenarios from the game, there are a bunch of different arenas, but they are endless. One good thing is that you earn experience, which will count towards ranking you up in co-op and multiplayer. It looks like a good distraction from multiplayer, which will contain various player versus player modes, but everyone was really hoping for co-op campaign, not just a survival arena. Oh well, maybe they will add it sometime. For more information on co-op head on over to their news section on the main website.
We also have impressions and more information on the game if you care to check that out. Thanks for reading and I hope to bring you all some more news later on today.
*side note - They have been giving out beta keys to people randomly for Star Wars: The Old Republic for a couple weeks and they just gave out a bunch of keys today, so check your email if you were waiting on beta or pre-order access.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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