Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Witcher 2 News

I watched the entire The Witcher 2 livestream today and learned a little bit new about the game.  First off, the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, looks smooth and still gorgeous. Two of the developers from Cd Projekt Red were on stage showing off several scenes from the first act of the game and I couldn't tell much of a difference from the PC version, although I'm sure it's graphically inferior to the PC version on maxed out settings (like everything that is available on consoles and PC). There are new cut scenes that are put into the Xbox 360 version that show off some of Letho's story.  It will also include all the nine DLC and all of the new content from The Witcher 2 Version 2.0. The Xbox 360 version is still slated for a quarter one 2012 release.

They spent a short while showing off the xbox 360 version, but a large chunk of the livestream showed off the new features of Version 2.0, the update for the PC version of the Witcher 2. One of the most important features that they showed off was the new tutorial, something every person who has ever played The Witcher 2 knows was sorely needed, but was lacking from the original. The new tutorial is not just a tutorial, it's a whole quest line in the beginning of the game, a quest line that seems to tie in the new arena mode. It doesn't look like anything extraordinary, but it is something that is horribly necessary, especially since it looks to ease you into the game instead of throwing you head first into hard battles. They also showed off Dark Mode for the first time. Dark Mode add's three new weapons and armor to the game, and it is the hardest difficulty in the game. The new weapons and armor are quite powerful, but they have draw backs and every time you wield a dark weapon the screen will warp, making it look as if you are infected by darkness. Oddly enough, in the demonstration the developer playing was killed while trying to show off combat using a dark sword.

The Witcher 2 Dark Mode Trailer 

The arena looks to be surprisingly fun and unique. It is a wave based arena, like most games, except each wave will show you who you are fighting, what the prizes are and what the requirements are for the bonus score. You earn money by defeating a wave and you can use your money on merchants inside the waiting area, area that can be explored. You may also use your money hiring mercenaries to assist you during a wave. They each cost a thousand gold, which is seemingly a decent amount of money, and there is a dwarf, human and a sorceress available to hire. They didn't specify, but it only seems like you can hire a mercenary at a time. During the demonstration the demo-er chose to hire the sorceress and he picked to fight a later battle, against two trolls and a bunch of nekkers, on dark mode difficulty. He purposely seemed to have lost the fight to show the defeat options, although his sorceress was killed during the fight. The arena looks to be the most exciting feature to returning users, although some people may be excited about trying to be really hardcore and beating the game on Dark Mode.

The Witcher 2 Arena Trailer 

On top of Dark Mode, the new tutorial and the arena, there are also another thirty or so new enhancements that are being added to the game. If you already don't have them added to your game, the nine DLC will also be available with Version 2.0. Of course, all of this is free, just because CD Projekt Red is a very gamer friendly company. That's about all the news for that and I hope you all are excited to play Version 2.0 in a week, on September 29th. Thanks for reading.

-Written by Sean Cargle 


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