Friday, October 14, 2011

Battlefield 3 Maps Revealed

You may recall that I posted about the first two multiplayer maps to be revealed, Operation Firestorm and The Grand Bazaar, but now they have fully revealed all nine (10 with Back to Karkand) maps. Unfortunately these new maps don't all have gameplay videos associated with them, like Firestorm and Bazaar did; nor is there a lot of information about each map, other than the available game modes and a small description, but it's still worth showing them to you all. Since there will be so many maps, each with two screenshots, I will be showing smaller versions of the screenshots, but they can be blown up to full resolution by clicking on them. Let's get to it.

Tehran Highway
This is a long linear map based in Tehran, Iran. The map will focus on open roads at the beginning, allowing for some great vehicular combat, but later on it will become more dense and infantry focused. It will be a mix of a desert and urban setting. This looks to be the only night map out of all of the multiplayer maps. 
Game Modes: Rush, Conquest, TDM, Squad DM, Squad Rush 

Damavand Peak
This map is pretty exciting, because it is all based around base jumping 500 meters from one base down to the other.The map will start out infantry based, but vehicles will show up farther into the map. One team starts on high above a mining facility and base jump down towards the valley below. There is a large tunnel present at the opposite corner of the map, which allows you to get a gorgeous view of the whole map. 
Game Modes: Rush, Conquest, TDM, Squad DM, Squad Rush 

Kharg Island
A boat map it is! one of the two. It starts off with one team assaulting the island from the Persian sea. The island is set to be a industrial island off the coast of Iran. Assaulting the beach in the beginning is supposed to be quite tough, requiring the attackers to punch through the frontline in order to secure access to vehicles and more open areas. This is set to be a large map, with a lot of space in between each flag. The same probably applies to rush and the other modes as well. 
Game Modes:  Rush, Conquest, TDM, Squad DM, Squad Rush 

I don't understand this "screenshot"
Noshahr Canals
The other boat map this is! Except this one is far more balanced sounding. It is a large industrial harbor that has infantry, vehicle and boat combat. One team will start out on an air craft carrier. The bases are varied but all carried the same industrial theme, for example there is a drydock base, train yard and airfield. While vehicles are in this map it isn't as huge as the other vehicle focused maps. 
Game Modes: Rush, Conquest, TDM, Squad DM, Squad Rush 

 I would rather see an actual screenshot

Seine Crossing 
Seine Crossing splits Paris into two different sections by the river Seine. There are large roads available for vehicles and small urban areas for infantry to traverse through. The buildings in the urban area are open, allowing players to climb up several floors in order to get a better view, but apparently the buildings can be somewhat destroyed. The last section of the map takes place inside a large bank building that changes up the feel of the map. 
Game Modes: Rush, Conquest, TDM, Squad DM, Squad Rush 

I'm starting to think that they just don't have other screenshots

So that's it for the new maps. The other four maps are well known ones, like Operation Metro, Caspian Border and the two maps I mentioned in the beginning. All together we have two boat maps, one night map, two large scale vehicular maps, two smaller infantry and two maps that try to doing everything. All the maps are Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Seine Crossing, Operation Metro, Damavend Peak, Tehran Highway, The Grand Bazaar, Noshahr Crossing and Kharg Island. There is also Back to Karkand, the pre-order exclusive map, but there has been any screenshots or info on that one. Only two more weeks till Battlefield 3 comes out, October 25th, and if you may start pre-loading the game on October 21st in North America. For more info on that check out this post. Thanks for reading and if you want to check out all the maps I will leave the link below. 
Enter BF3:

-Written by Sean Cargle 


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