Friday, October 21, 2011

Battlefield 3 Singleplayer Focus

Do you want to see some Battlefield 3 singelplayer? yeah, me neither, but that's what the launcher trailer is focused on and I also found a ten minute gameplay video from the beginning of BF3 singleplayer. A few days ago I put up a multiplayer trailer, I thought it would be the last trailer before launch, but surely the Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer must be the last one. The games comes out in four days, on October 25th and if you pre-ordered the game for PC you can officially start pre-loading the game today (looks to be about eleven gigabytes). Check out the short launcher trailer.

This other video is from the first ten minutes of the game, shot on some guys iPhone. It shows off the linear gameplay that is Battlefield 3 singleplayer and while it doesn't look awful it also doesn't make me want the game for the singleplayer. Between the launch trailer and this gameplay video you should be bale to perceive that the story starts with you being interrogated. Apparently the story will be dealing with some morally grey issues about Terrorism and the U.S's military strategy. I care so very little for the singleplayer, but if it's anything like Battlefield: Bad Company 2's singleplayer then it will be moderately enjoyable. The prospect of playing the campaign through cooperatively is also a big plus, something that EA can hold over Modern Warfare, but Modern Warfare has it's separates cooperative missions that I personally enjoyed quite a lot in Modern Warfare 2. Well that's all this for this small post, but if you want to check out the beginning of the campaign then check out this nine minute gameplay video. Thanks for reading and I'm going to go try some PSN games, since PSN just got saturated by new games, and I will be back soon enough.

Thanks to TheUnboxerHDX for uploading this

-Written by Sean Cargle


  1. Shadow of DeathOctober 22, 2011 8:46 AM

    Seeing the Single Player reveal trailer a bit ago finally pushed me into pre-ordering it on Origin. Not liking that it is one of those $60 PC games (EA started that bloody trend, I think).

    Hopefully the single player isn't a letdown. From what I've seen from the captured footage, it seems like it will be alright.

  2. It looks pretty decent, but it I doubt it will be better or worse than the single player quality of a Call of Duty game.