Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 Gameplay Videos

Spent a chunk of the day playing BF3, singleplayer and multiplayer. Compiled some videos of my gameplay from each. The singleplayer missions is the second mission in the game, while the multiplayer is from various maps in the game. Check them out, I will be back later tonight with some more news.
*Update* Battlefield 3 has been having a lot of problems today with Punkbuster and Nvidia Graphic Cards, so if you don't have the game yet I recommend waiting a day or two till they start fixing everything. It does work for about 50-70% of the players, but it's still a lot of people who can't get the game working.
*10/26 Update* Added a new multiplayer video to the end, this one shows off different maps plus air combat.

 BF3 Multiplayer Footage
Maps Featured- Tehran Highway, Grand Bazaar, Kharg Island and Operation Firestorm

BF3 Singeplayer Footage 
Level- Swordbreaker (on hard)

New BF3 Multiplayer Footage (10/26)
Maps Featured - Seine Crossing, Nashahr Canals and Damavand Peak

-Written by Sean Cargle


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