Friday, October 7, 2011

BF3: Firestorm and The Grand Bazaar

There is actually some other BF3 news, other than the beta, to add to this small post. Two new maps, with videos have been revealed today. These maps were kept under wraps before, so this is the first information about them. In total there are going to be nine maps at release, five of which will be revealed a week from now. I am curious if Back to Karkand will be one of those nine maps, I hope not, the more maps the better.

Operation Firestorm
Like Caspian Border, this map is huge and filled with vehicles. While Caspian Border is open green pastures dotted by small building areas, Operation Firestorm is a large desert that is filled with warehouses. This map takes place in an Oil Field and reminds me of some of the maps from the Desert Combat modification for BF1942. Even though this map is desert it still looks gorgeous. If you are familiar with the Heavy Metal map from Battlefield Bad Company 2, then you should be able to guess the kind of size of this map. It is also fairly linear like Heavy Metal, everything concentrating on the oil fields in the middle of the map. This map is specially designed for consoles, but they do not clarify if that mean's it is different for PC. The developer walkthourgh of the map shows off most of the normal mechanics and vehicles of the game, but he also shows off a Russian transport helicopter. Skip to nine minutes into the video to see a big view of the map from the third person view of a jet. Overall, this is another promising looking map that looks to bring back the Battlefield feel to the game.

The Grand Bazaar
This map is an infantry focused middle eastern map. It is rush mode, like Operation Metro, but it looks to be a little more dynamic and open that the tight subway tunnels of Metro. Unlike Metro (the beta version), this map actually has vehicles. Making it not just 100% infantry. This map exposes infantry to wide open streets and more linear, compact, marketplace, presumably the Bazaar, areas. If you didn't like Metro, this map might be a little more to your liking due to the difference of it's areas. Metro, at least to me, felt like one long linear straight path, but The Grand Bazaar seems to have many walkways, buildings and corridors. Hopefully there aren't very many other infantry based maps like this, but I would expect half of the total maps to be large scale conquest maps. Will bring you more news on the next maps when I can, next week, but for now check out this developer video. This developer video is definitely on the Xbox 360, so at least you can take note of how that looks.

If you care to check out more information about the BF3 maps check out
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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